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Arrest The President: New Exclusive Drop By 10.Deep

    10 deep arrest the president

    10. Deep: Arrest the President

    10. Deep presents a brand new drop dedicated to a President. Striking or acute are really the words that come to mind when you check out the brand’s latest set of pieces.

    When you think of streetwear, a few names come to mind. For once, let’s leave Supreme aside, even though they are a core-skateboarding brand. Some, nevertheless, may come with a lot of thinking, while others, such as 10.Deep, come at ease to our minds.

    Around the world, there are issues that become the headline and for sure that the American Presidential election was one of those topics. It still is, to some extent. No need to expand much on this, you know exactly what happened.

    10. Deep: Discussing ideas since 1995

    Scott Sasso founded 10.Deep back in 1995 and is an independent heritage street fashion brand. It all started with streetwear-scene-influenced pieces that originated from musical and visual subcultures seen in New York, Tokyo, and London. They stand strong for over 20 years.

    As streetwear as a whole has always been walking side by side with the community, shaping what we know today as “fashion”, it makes sense that as a form of expression, it can also be involved somewhat in politics.

    Sure, Mr. Sasso is not running for president, nor Kanye West for all that matters (or do you know something we do not?), but the production of certain items can also have an impact on society as we know it. This is exactly what happens here.

    We will get to that in just a second but think of Shepard Fairey. His murals and art surely have a message that has always been linked to propaganda-inspired drawings. What we mean is, no matter what you do, you can have an effect on humankind.

    “Arrest the President” in 2018

    This is where 10.Deep comes in, for now. The “Arrest The President” hoodie and long-sleeved tee will be shipped just in time to arrive for Presidents Day 2018 (Monday, February 19th).

    Apart from looking awesome, and we are sorry we lack words to describe it (there’s really no other way to say it!), half of the profits from this first release will be donated to the Invisible Project.

    The Invisible Project’s mission is to develop and manage a movement of grassroots groups that work together to elect leaders to overthrow Trump’s crooked and shady agenda.

    For last but not least, simple yet effective, this capsule collection displays cotton printed pieces.

    Head over right now to their website and pre-order your own piece of 10.Deep Arrest The President.