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10 Women You Should Follow on Instagram

    Top 10 women to follow on instagram

    Top 10 Women to follow on Instagram

    After our previous post about ” Top 10 Sneaker Related Instagrams“, I’m now glad to present the second installment of the series, this time titled “10 Women You Should Follow on Instagram”.

    The female presence in urban culture, streetwear, and sneakers, is undeniable (which is amazing), so I wanted to explore that a bit and introduce you to some of the major players around, as well as women who are not directly related to the culture, but are playing a major role in breaking down barriers among genders.

    Let’s get right to it.

    1. Emily J. O’Donnell (@emily.j.odonnell) – Emily is a British fashion student/model/stylist born in Leeds, raised in Milan, and now currently based in London. I think I came across Emily’s profile through streetwear brand Dark Circle Clothing, and ever since then, she has been on a steady rise, constantly turning heads in the streets of London with some of the freshest outfits, as well as modelling for several other brands.



    2. Adwoa Aboah (@adwoaaboah) – Adwoa is a model, but not simply a model. Besides having walked for Marc Jacobs, Coach, Topshop, Erdem, Versace, Fendi, Dior and Chanel, this young woman inspires and helps women all over the world with her project Gurls Talk – a safe place where women can share experiences in order to empower one another. Take a look at her feed, and you can also check out her latest documentary with i-D here.



    3. Kimber Beck (@bimberkeck_) – Kimber Beck is a 26 year old self portrait photographer and artist based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and her work is absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, due to some of Instagram’s more “severe” rules, her previous account was deleted with over 61k followers, but Kimber’s back on her feet and will surely surpass that number soon, so make sure that you check here out.



    4. Alexandra Hackett (@miniswoosh) – Alexandra is a fashion designer from Australia (but currently residing in London), founder and owner of ALCH. What she does with her brand is simply magical, taking ordinary day-to-day materials and putting them together in the form of amazing pieces. As you can probably guess by her Instagram handle, she’s a huge fan of Nike, and she’s currently running for the chance to design the next Air Max silhouette. You can vote for her here.



    5. Amy Louise (@ilovebrucewillis) – I don’t know much about Amy, not even how I came across her feed, but what I do know is that she is brilliant, and a stunning woman. Through her photos, art, and honest sense of humor, she will surely brighten your day, as she has many of mine. But that’s not all, Amy also uses her platform to birng awareness to important subjects like fair conditions to all human beings, empowerment of women, and a lot more.



    6. Barbara Malewicz (@malebitch) – Paris based Barbara is currently an editor at WAD Magazine, usually writing about fashion and street culture, which translates into her personal style. Check out her feed for cool outfits and a great collection of sneakers as well.



    7. Vicky Grout (@vickygrout) – Another London based creative, Vicky is an extremely talented photographer that got her start with Grime raves, capturing all the action and raw emotions. She has since transitioned to photographing countless lookbooks and editorials for several brands and publications, as well as some of Grime’s greatest like Novelist, Skepta, Stormzy, Wiley, and many more.



    8. Jeanne Santoli (@viewmore) – Based in Switzerland, Jeanne’s closet will make most jealous, especially her sneaker closet. Draped in the finest brands such as BAPE, Stone Island, Supreme, Patta, Gucci, and more, Jeanne sure knows how to put an outfit together, so visit her profile to check it out.



    9. Adrianne Ho (@adrianneho) – Model/Supreme aficionada Adrianne Ho is surely known by many of you, having been featured in countless fashion publications, and several feeds through Instagram. After working with so many brands and travelling the world, Adrianne decided to create her own Sweat The Style – a brand/platform devoted to the culture of fashionable fitness, natural beauty, positive health, and real food. Take a look at her feed for news from her brand, and her streetwear-heavy outfits.



    10. Emily Ratajkowski  (@emrata) – Last but certainly not least, I couldn’t leave Emily behind. Undoubtedly one of the most stunning women alive (in my opinion, of course), Emily is a modern day supermodel who also uses her voice for something good and positive, taking a major role in women empowerment and politics.



    Well, that’s it for this second installment, I truly hope that you enjoy it as much as the first one, and I’ll be sure to be back with a brand new one soon, so stay tuned.