our legacy aw 16 rehearsal

Our Legacy Autumn/Winter ’16 “REHEARSAL”

Our Legacy‘s Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection takes you backstage on an imagined set.

Entitled “REHEARSAL”, the collection explores the sometimes unintended outfits seen. Subtle, understated luxury mixed with sportswear, functional techwear pieces and unassuming quotidian clothing constitutes the keystones of the collection. Though the wardrobes of entertainers are often extravagant, “REHEARSAL” is instead an exploration of the unofficial uniform never seen on screen or stage.

Comfortable relaxed garments, puffer jackets, cropped sweater and wide leg trousers, in another strong collection from the minimal Swedish brand. Find Our Legacy’s garments at select retailers such as Mr. Porter.

our legacy aw 16 rehearsalour legacy aw 16 rehearsal
Photography: Erik Wåhlström
Art direction: Andreas Doré