Champion Debuts Its New Footwear Collection for F/W17

Champion Footwear F/W17.

Champion has been growing in our hearts throughout the last few years. The new Champion Fall 17 collection is the perfect follow-up for that growing feeling.

The brand not only came back to being worn by most worldwide online influencers, but also went a step ahead by collaborating with brands such as Casbia, Vetements, Wood Wood and Beams.

After all, the new season is right around the corner, hence, Champion is undergoing preparations to debut its new footwear line. Full range goes across high and low top military inspired sneakers, keeping a basic and plane aesthetic, complying with the soon-to-arrive Autumn.

Hand made in Japan, all pairs debut a reliable water repellant upper as well as a strengthened lacing system.

All styles and colorways will be available by August 25 at Champion retailers like END.