mastermind japan leather cashmere varsity jacket black

The Turning Page: mastermind World Varsity Jacket

Conquer the world: mastermind Varsity Jacket

Displaying an incomparable height of modern luxury streetwear, the mastermind World Varsity Jacket displays a cashmere body with contrasting black leather sleeves. In addition, you can find skulls and cross bone back embroidery as well as side welt pockets.

Let’s be honest here. If you have no love for your money or if you just don’t know what do with it, truth be told: this item is for you. One way or the other, whether you’re totally into Japanese cult brands such as mastermind, or if you’re looking to have a go with a great varsity jacket, you should read along.

This could very well be one of the greatest Varsity Jackets delivered this year, but there also others. A selection of the best varsity jackets is and forever will be, a thing of need.

mastermind japan leather cashmere varsity jacket black

mastermind is more than Skulls & Bones

In some way or another, we all have heard about mastermind JAPAN. Founded by Masaaki Homma in the late 90s, the Japanese brand is known by its signature skulls and bones logo.

Kind of, they go way past a logo. mastermind JAPAN is also considered to be a higher-end brand, mix and match the best available materials on Earth.

Apart from all the mentioned above, the detailing is just immense. As expected, every single piece is Made in Japan. The tags feature the names of people that were involved in creating each and every single item.

The story of a difficult path:

However, not everything is as pretty as it looks. In the very beginning, Homma was in short of fashion-education and he worked at Yohji Yamamoto.

Out of the blue, during the Tokyo Fashion Show, mastermind Japan was presented to the public. We are not sure if this was anticipated or not, but his pieces just did not sell.

After attending SEHM exhibition in Paris, he was received with open arms. A circumstance that made him believe in everything he always stood for. He did just the right thing, harden and stiffen the brand’s natural posture and viewpoint.

Nevertheless, in 2013, Masaaki Homma decided to pause mastermind‘s season drops, however continuing to work in collaboration with brands that include Dover Street Market, adidas Originals, Stussy, Vans, G-Shock, BAPE and many others.

mastermind Japan currently has flagship stores in Tokyo, Osaka, and other Japanese cities.

Well, times have changed. Creating a parallel, however, a linked division named mastermind World, Homma decided to flip the page over.

Taking such project to a new audience and highlighting Japan’s fondness for all Americana styles, such piece displayed in the pictures offers an elegant iteration of a classic sportswear piece – the Varsity Jacket.

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