best vans old skool colorways

The Best 8 Vans Old Skool Colorways Available Now

Since 1977: Vans Old Skool

A unique look at 8 of the best Vans Old Skool Colorways available now. Winter Moss, Glacier Grey, Autumn Glaze or Teak Black are just some of the highlights of the set of colorways now available.

The Vans Old Skool was originally released in 1977. That’s right, more than 40 years have gone by. Since then, Vans and some of the brand’s most iconic models have become part of multiple subcultures from skaters to BMX riders, from rockers to surfers and snowboarders.

The Old Skool itself is one of the most sought after silhouettes, if not the one.

The Van Doren brothers, together with two partners named Gordon Lee and Serge Delia, started Vans in 1966 at 704 E. Broadway in Anaheim, California. They were known to manufacture the shoes in-house and thereafter, deliver them to the public and customers.

After all, in recent times (and not only), there have also been released some awesome collaborations and special releases. The Gosha Rubchinskiy X Vans Old Skool LX, the Vans x Brain Dead Capsule Collection (that featured the Old Skool LX), or the Odd Future x Vans Syndicate Old Skool Pro S.

Known as “Style 36”, they were the first to display the iconic side-stripe. By now they are more durable due to the re-enforced toe-caps altogether with padded collars for support and flexibility. As expected, and after so many years, many colorways have hit the shelves across the globe.

For now, have a look at the 8 best colorways available right now at Urban Industry.

best vans old skool colorways