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20 Best Sneaker Shops in the World

Discover the best sneaker stores in the world

Whether if you are in Europe, or the US, checking our list of the Top 20 best sneaker shops in the world basically guarantees you won’t need to do any further research. We have all the info that you need about all authentic online sneaker stores.

You could be looking for an exclusive collab, or just that special general release (at least for you it is). Rest assured that you will find all the top online sneaker stores and your right place to buy after reading this.

sns new york

(Sneakersnstuff New York)


Founded by Erik Fagerlind and Peter Jansson, Sneakersnstuff was opened in 1999. It came to life as both owners thought that their footwear options were reduced to the big retail chains.

Alternatively, after traveling to New York, the sky was the limit. The Swedish scene had only to benefit from this, making sure that it is now on the map.

Over 15 years have passed, and the brand is now stronger than ever. They have three shops in Sweden as well as one in Berlin, London, Paris and of course, New York. On that note, they are known to carry select items that are hard to come by.

Sneakernstuff is also one of the best online sneaker boutiques.

(END. Clothing Glasgow via Dezeen)

END. Clothing

Straight out of the UK, END. opened its doors in 2005. They are forward thinkers when it comes to niche menswear fashion. Located in Newcastle and Glasgow, both shops display high-level architecture and design.

The co-founders, Christiaan Ashworth and John Parker, also designed the Newcastle shop.

We can firmly state that they are one of the best-curated shops in the world. Moreover, they have collaborated with brands such as Saucony and Timex, among others.

They are one of the best European shoe stores online. You will also be able to find the latest streetwear garments and the most refined brands on the planet.

(Solebox Munich via Hypebeast)


Solebox is one of the best premium sneaker stores in Europe and known to man. It has been around for a while, and up ’till now, it still lives up to its name. They stock higher-end shoe brands to the most coveted limited edition sneakers available.

Hikmet Sugoer is one of the co-founders, however, but he does not work with them anymore. In all honesty, it was a sad day for sneaker culture as a whole.

Nevertheless, the shop is present Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Amsterdam, and Brussels altogether with being linked to Snipes.

(24Kilates Barcelona)


Born in Barcelona from the idea of giving some fresh air to streetwear, 24Kilates is located in the heart of the city since 2005. Due to the increasing demand for footwear, the shop gained consistency on the local scene and of course, accumulated international success due to its powerful website and released collaborations.

Moreover, 24Kilates has opened another branch in Bankok, making sure the Asian continent is supplied with the best available sneakers.

(Footpatrol London via Time Out)


Supplying and stocking the most exclusive footwear available, the shop opened back in 2002 and relocated to Soho, London, in 2010. The famous Wilson Brothers took inspiration from the hidden and tiny boutiques of present Japan to design the shop.

Footpatrol also delivers the best of the brands from Nike Tier Zero to adidas Consortium, from PUMA to Converse and Asics Family & Friends, among others. It is literally a destination if you get to visit London.

(Avenue Store Belgium)

Avenue Store

Located in Antwerp, Belgium, they have opened doors in 2007. Even if they have not been around for as long as the others, we believe that Avenue changed the sneaker-scene in all around Belgium.

Offering a broad selection of exclusive sneakers and apparel, for us, they are the best Belgian shop.

“If it’s on your wishlist, the odds are we have it in store”, they add. Hence, we have no need to say anything else in this description, if you know what we mean.

(Slam Jam Milan via Sneaker Zimmer)

Slam Jam

Founded by the one and only Luca Benini in Ferrara in 1989, the shop and brand display an atypical and unique identity. They also distribute world renowned global brands such as Stussy and Carhartt.

Moreover, they have also collaborated with brands such as Asics and adidas. Plus, they stock the best brands that go from off-white to a-cold-wall, from Bianca Chandon to Fear of God. They also have a store in Milan.

(Titolo Zurich via Anthony Brown)


The big boys from Switzerland have done a great job with Titolo. Passion and craftsmanship end up being endless topics to talk and write about, but it is what they strive to offer to each individual customer.

Titolo feels connected to every brand they stock. It all started in Zurich, but new shops have opened in Bern, Basel and also an outlet in Thun.

To top it all off, fear no more if you do not live in Switzerland, all purchased items will be shipped making sure that you will not pay import taxes.

(Patta Amsterdam via TheDailyStreet)


Situated in Amsterdam, Patta opened in 2004 bringing new excitement to the Dutch streetwear scene with one target in mind: to provide a steady supply of footwear and gear. Founded by Edson Sabajo and Guillaume “Gee” Schmidt, it is considered a true staple all across the globe.

Before it all started, the Patta Team traveled all across the globe to buy pairs from the most obscure shops, bringing them back home. The willingness to go against the grain are the foundation of Patta’s identity.

Their script logo is very well known, but initially, the printed tees were made to give out to friends and family as well as loyal costumers. The demand kept growing, hence the creation of the brand itself. They are also located in London.

(Size? Milan via Size? Blog)


JD Sport’s big brother Size? separates themselves by releasing brilliant collaborations. Also, by stocking different tiers of footwear. Their chain is just immense, having locations in Madrid, Milan, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam apart from quite a few UK locations.

US Stores:


(Kith Brooklyn via Snarkitecture)


As it seems, KITH is rather a lifestyle than just a retail space. Founded by Ronnie Fieg, it all started on David Z’s backstage, before opening his own shop.

The concept of KITH itself is an extension of himself, making sure that the customer gets more than what he pays for. They are located in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Miami and New York, apart from the KITH Treats shops.

(Bodega Boston via FootwearNews)


Born in the heart of Boston, the shop is still hidden from everyone except to those that have always known. What we mean is that it is not your conventional go-to shop.

The retail space is located behind a bodega and can only be accessed by those who know how to get in. They are known for special and collaborative releases. We can state that Bodega is one of the best shops in the world.

(St. Alfred Chicago via The Hundreds)

Saint Alfred

The Wind City AKA Chigaco is the home of this very special shop. Known to deliver quality over quantity items, one of their most well-known collaborations is with Asics, dubbed the “Lakeshore”.

Also, they have collaborated with brands such as adidas and New Balance, per say. Discrete yet powerful, this shop is a must-visit in Chicago.

(Nice Kicks Los Angeles)

Nice Kicks

Founded by the one and only Matt Halfhill, Nice Kicks started in a spare bedroom with only one mission in mind: To provide shoe enthusiasts authoritative, accurate, and credible news, information, and history about sneakers.

Not much has changed, apart from the fact that in 2010, the first shop was opened in Austin, Texas. For now, they have two other locations: San Francisco and Los Angeles.

(Feature Las Vegas via Street Wear Official)


Straight out of Las Vegas, Nevada, Feature’s grand opening was in 2010. Their mission was not only to align itself with the cultural movement of art and footwear but also to define it.

Apart from stocking the most exclusive sneakers available, the shop is also known to have the most cutting-edge selection of shoes, watches, sunglasses, apparel, and accessories.

(A.R.C New York via dmarge)

A.R.C Alife Rivington Club

There’s no other shop that delivers this amount of sophistication. Inspired by the Harvard Club, every single item feels exclusive, even if it is just a General Release pair.

You may actually find some in-house exclusive collaborations if you are lucky enough to get in. You know you got to ring a door-bell and be granted access. Quite a charm, is it not?

(BAIT Los Angeles via The Source)


Founded in 2011, BAIT is a premium brick and click concept store that stocks everything from footwear to apparel, from higher-end brands to collectibles. In a short amount of time, BAIT has had countless collaborations with iconic brands as well as licensed-partnerships with Microsoft, Sony, Universal Pictures and Dreamworks.

For last but not least, they have locations in Los Angeles, Orange County, Seattle, San Diego, Portland and San Francisco.

(WISH Atlanta via Sole Collector)


Every single item inside WISH is handpicked to match the elite Atlanta consumer style. Lauren Amos is the owner and describes the store design in three different elements: chaos and anarchy, repetition and order & edgy sense of contemporary design. The shop speaks for itself, after all.

(CNCPTS Dubai via Sole Collector)


Established in 1996 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Concepts is known to be one of the first modern-day shops to cater a lifestyle consumer. That goes from footwear to outerwear, from premium denim to accessories.

In-house or online, the shop delivers a premium shopping experience. They are located in Boston, New York, and Dubai.

(Packer Shoes via Sole Collector)

Packer Shoes

Out of all the shop we have mentioned above, this is the oldest one. One of its kind, to be honest. It all started in 1907 around the Yonkers area. Such roots became the foundation for the launch of a next-generation store in New Jersey in 2004.

As a family business, it expanded within three generations. They celebrate the 110th anniversary of business, remaining true to the principles that got them where they are today, appreciating every single item and every single customer.

«Where did they get those amazing kicks?» – sounds familiar?

We all know that you may be fed up of looking at everyone’s Instagram and question why your kicks are just like everyone else’s. Truly ordinary and mundane. Fear no more, this article was produced and written right here to help you and guide you, just in case.

After this, we guarantee that you will be able to flex on every single online platform known to men and of course, among all your friends. Is it not what the sneaker game is all about today? (We hope you understood how ironic that sounded.)

Creating lists, or most types of lists, it is almost like an impossible task. However, and yet again, that is why we are here. On this post, we did point you towards the best sneaker (web)shops from Europe and from the US.

Kicks for all!

Nevertheless, footwear has become a part of our life. In fact, a very big part. Now more than ever, representing all types of sub-cultures from the streets to the runway.

If you are in Europe, we share the feeling that from time to time, you may be put-off due to import taxes, and the same may happen if you live in the USA and may want to buy a Europe exclusive item. After all, that’s just how hype is created.

We know that it is always possible to find a proxy, or a friend that lives across the ocean, however, we wish it was that simple.

To make everyone happy, we have decided to show you the best shops in Europe and in the USA for all type of footwear.

To add, we have also included a small description of each and every single one of them so you know get to learn a little bit more about their history and foundations. Game on.

(Featured Image: Sneakersnstuff Berlin via WWD)