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The Best Nike Flyknit Trainer Colorways Available to Buy Right Now

A look at the best Nike Flyknit Trainer Colorways

Looking to find and buy the Nike Flyknit Trainer? Do you think you know all the best colors of the Nike Flyknit Trainer? Think again.

Since the model’s comeback, there have been some awesome releases and we know about all of them. Find out about all the new versions, the best Nike Flyknit Trainer price, where to shop and more.

The last few months have been amazing for all of this sneaker fans, therefore a list of the best Nike Flyknit Trainer colorways is only obvious. We all know that Nike has always been at the forefront of innovation, in all types of sports as well as current lifestyle silhouettes.

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Check out below the ultimate list to buy the Nike Flyknit Trainer:


black and white nike flyknit trainer
Nike Flyknit Trainer Black and White

The Best Nike Flyknit Trainer Colorways Available Now:

Nike Flyknit Trainer “Medium Olive” Buy at AFEW

Why should we not start with a banger? Well, this Nike Flyknit Trainer Olive iteration is our favorite, perfectly matching the current season. This particular version is delivered with tonal laces and displays a black swoosh on the upper.

The silhouette sits on top of a white midsole with black details.

Nike Flyknit Trainer “Cirrus Blue” – Buy at END.

If you rather prefer a lay-low pair, the Cirrus Blue should be your go-to option. The shoe is delivered with a light blue upper with soft black details around the midfoot and toebox.

The swoosh is also black, matching its pull-tab as well as its liner and midsole details.

Nike Flyknit Trainer “Night Purple”Buy at Sneakersnstuff

Sure, this colorway may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it sure is stunning. Even in fashion, as a whole, the color purple appears to be seen more and more, so why not match your favorite outfit with these?

Also delivered with tonal purple laces and displaying a black swoosh on the upper, its contrasting white midsole just makes them pop even more. And guess what, they are on sale!

Nike Flyknit Trainer “Sunset Tin”Buy at Sneakersnstuff

If we started with a banger, we shall continue with one as well. Just by looking at the “Sunset Tin”, we get a feeling of calmness and tranquility.

Its pink-ish upper mixed with delicate black details just makes this pair a great one. Furthermore, they are also on sale!

Nike Flyknit Trainer “Bright Citron” – Buy at END.

On the other hand, if you like to break some neck with some dominant and vigorous colorways, the “Bright Citron” version of the Flyknit Trainer is for you.

Like all the other models, this silhouette is built using Flywire cables for on-feet support. Moreover, apart from all the standard features, it is also delivered with yellow details across the midsole.

Flyknit Trainer: A Runner Made of Style

Ever since it was first released, the Trainer is well-known for some of its awesome colorways. Clean combinations of white, yellow and pink are some of the most iconic.

Nevertheless, the fact is that during the last few months there have been some new and great color combinations released.

Is lifestyle the new running? What we mean is that even if (in the past) the Nike Air Max 1 was originally developed for running, nowadays, we don’t see anyone actually running with them on feet (?). The so-called sneaker world is shifting, day after day.

In fact, Flyknit technology has not been around for that long. Five years only, to be precise (almost turning six). However, it has left an astonishingly big footprint when it comes to footwear.

What we know as “knit” is actually made from recycled plastic. IT revolutionized athletic footwear by striping weight down and by increasing breathability altogether with a seamless upper.

After all, those are ingredients that athletes and modern-day commuters take into consideration.

Nike Flyknit Trainer: the very first Flyknit

In 2012, one of the first models to feature such technology was the Flyknit Trainer (together with the Nike Flyknit Racer)With the London Olympics right around the corner, there was only one possible outcome: success.

From the point where most colorways and variations started to sell out and of course, Mr. Kanye West was spotted wearing the OG version. A lot of hype was then and of course, built around the silhouette.

Plus, collaborations have also been released, such as the HTMs iterations.

Even though it has been re-released not that long ago, including new colorways (beyond the classic white), it got to a point where the silhouette has been produced for the masses, in a good way of course.

Hence, Nike decided to apply its knit to other silhouettes further down the line, for example from Chuck Taylors to on-court basketball shoes such as the Kobe AD, from recent Air Jordan 1 models to the Vapormax, one of Nike‘s latest rewarding bets.

More than a general release:

Back then, as there were not many available pairs and colorways, the Trainer started to grow within the sneaker community. Consequently, resellers started to notice that it would be pretty easy to flip them and earn a quick buck.

Personally, I still remember browsing the web and the first ever Flyknit Trainer to release (and the first Nike Flyknit Racer Multicolor, for all that matters) was sold for crazy amounts of money. If memory does not fail me, around 400€.

Nevertheless, and going back to the Flyknit-material topic, we truly believe that such development may be considered the most environmentally friendly move by Oregon’s finest.

Yet, cutting down product waste by around 60% by micro-engineering every visible and non-visible stitch.

Sales season is right upon us. We just loved to share a thing or two about Flyknit technology and about the incredible silhouette that the Nike Flyknit Trainer really is.

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