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25 Best New Balance Collaborations

    best new balance collaborations: crooked tongues x new balance 1500 black beard

    New Balance is always releasing limited edition shoes. Considering, we compiled an ultimate list of the best ever New Balance collaborations. New Balance has collaborated with some of the most well-known brands and stores all over the world. Their portfolio includes some really timeless silhouettes.

    This brand has become a leader in the sneaker world thanks to its high-quality materials and advanced technology. It is reflected in their collaborations with top designers, celebrities, and influencers, which have produced some of the most sought-after sneakers ever made.

    You can look at the most-loved collaborations from New Balance below.

    Top 25 Best New Balance Collaborations:

    #1 Concepts x New Balance 998 “C-Note”

    Concepts x New Balance 998 "C-Note"

    Image Credits: JHT3

    Inspired by the hundred-dollar bill, the shoe features an off-white upper, mostly, altogether with olive green, white, grey and bronze colors. In addition, details are seen on the reflective silver elements on toe and heel.

    Furthermore, the midsole is vintage-looking. We should add that this particular model of the 998 is one of the most sought after amongst New Balance fans.

    #2 Invincible x New Balance 1400 “Brogue”

    Invincible x New Balance 1400 “Brogue”

    Image Credits: Invincible

    We know these are not everyone’s cup of tea, however, INVINCIBLE from Taiwan has worked with New Balance to create a special edition of the 1400. Plain and simple, just how we like it.

    Premium navy suede is used for the upper while details are seen on the brogue accents around toebox and heel. To make them pop even more, they sit on a full-white midsole. For last but not least, these sneakers feature a premium leather lining and custom insoles.

    #3 Nice Kicks x New Balance 1500

    Nice Kicks x New Balance 1500

    Image Credits: Ronnie Fieg

    We won’t say much here. Perfect silhouette, perfect execution, and awesome materials. Without a doubt, the color combination is subtle yet striking.

    The shoes are super comfortable and look great – the two colors together make for an eye-catching contrast that will turn heads. They were also surprisingly light, considering their size, which made them perfect for all-day wear. On top of that, the quality of the materials used makes them incredibly durable.

    I highly recommend these shoes to anyone looking for a stylish and comfortable pair of kicks – they’re worth it!

    I love how versatile these shoes are, too – they can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Get to know a bit more right here.

    #4 DTLR X New Balance 990V4 “DMV”

    DTLR X New Balance 990V4 “DMV”

    Image Credits: Sneaker News

    That’s right, most probably you have never heard of this one. As of today, we don’t get to see many collaborations on the 990, however, DTLR has created an iconic Maryland-specific iteration.

    Keeping its DNA intact, the upper features grey premium suede while details are seen on the checkered-flag heel altogether with special insoles. Moreover, hues of red and yellow are seen in the silhouette.

    #5 Concepts x New Balance 999 “Kennedy”

    Concepts x New Balance 999 "Kennedy"

    Image Credits: SneakerAddict

    John F. Kennedy is still amongst the most beloved American personas, therefore, Concepts decided to pay him some deserved respect with this collaboration. Mr. Kennedy loved sailing, hence the sailing flags on the upper. The shoe features a material mix-and-match such as ripstop nylon, suede, and mesh.

    The Concepts x New Balance 999 “Kennedy” is a must-have for the sneakerhead. The upper features premium pigskin suede with an ultra-breathable mesh, and the midsole is equipped with C-CAP® cushioning technology to provide maximum comfort throughout your day.

    Plus, the silky smooth ride of this collaboration shoe is something that can’t be denied.
    Sneakerheads have highly anticipated the collaboration between Concepts and New Balance, and this shoe certainly does not disappoint.

    The silhouette of the 999 is distinct yet timeless, featuring a pigskin suede upper with unique mesh paneling for breathability. The midsole also features C-CAP® cushioning technology for top-notch comfort while running or walking.
    In addition to its performance benefits, this shoe comes in a classic colorway that will never go out of style.

    Overall, the Concepts x New Balance 999 “Kennedy” is an outstanding shoe that combines quality craftsmanship and modern technology to produce a remarkable sneaker.

    #6 Solebox x New Balance 575 “Being Hunted”

    Solebox x New Balance 575 "Being Hunted"

    Image Credits: Limpa Vias

    These super rare sneakers (60 pairs released worldwide) were created by Solebox. The chosen model is not everyone’s favorite, the 575, but these stand out from every other that was released. Dubbed the “Military”, the upper displays hues of beige, brown and olive while sitting on top of a white midsole with gum-outsole details.

    It has a unique style and colorway that stands out from the crowd. The materials used are high quality, with a comfortable cushioning system to ensure every step feels amazing.

    I was especially impressed by the attention to detail in the design – there’s something special about the laces, the stitching, and the “Being Hunted” branding.

    This stylish and comfortable sneaker is recommended to anyone looking for something unique.

    The only downside of the shoe is that it did not come with an extra pair of laces. Switching up the look with a different set of laces would have been nice. Besides that, I’m very pleased with my purchase and recommend it to anyone looking for a great shoe.

    #7 Provider x New Balance 1500

    Provider x New Balance 1500

    Image Credits: PinkyY90

    Provider from Australia has released back in 2008 a neck-breaker. Honestly, there’s no other word for it. The release was super limited and is now a pair that every single New-Balance-head wishes to have in his collection.

    It is almost impossible to find a pair. Simple yet distinctive, this silhouette displays and upper in black, aqua-blue, grey and white.

    #8 Bodega x New Balance 577 “HYPRCAT”

    Bodega x New Balance 577 “HYPRCAT”

    Image Credits: JHT3

    The HYPRCAT takes inspiration from one of the most popular 3D first-person shooter games of the ’90s, Star Fox. Perforated premium nubuck is seen on toe and tongue as well as purple details around the mid-panel and heel.

    The yellow classic “N” altogether with a blue outsole makes these 577 ones of the best ever to release.

    #9 Nonnative x New Balance CM997 “Dune”

    Nonnative x New Balance CM997 “Dune”

    Image Credits: Sole Collector

    Let’s be honest here: this is quite an odd one and you don’t get to see many around. The “Dune” features an upper full of premium materials such as leather, nubuck, and mesh in tanned colors.

    In addition, it sits on an ABSORB midsole with hints of white, brown and blue.

    #10 Nice Kicks x New Balance 1600 “Grand Anse”

    Nice Kicks x New Balance 1600 “Grand Anse”

    Image Credits: Packer Shoes

    This retro-runner takes inspiration from the Caribbean beaches and features hues of blue in mesh and nubuck present on the upper altogether with contrasting grey details.

    In addition, the silhouette rests on top of an ABZORB midsole. The 1600 is not everyone’s favorite, we know – but trust us, on-hand, this is quite a phenomenal pair.

    #11 Solebox x New Balance 1500 “Toothpaste” Pack

    Solebox x New Balance 1500 "Toothpaste" Pack

    Image Credits: Raymond Wong @ SneakersAddict

    This pack was released in two colorways, but this particular colorway is our favorite, the aqua-blue Tooth Paste. The upper is built using suede, patent leather, and mesh and each and every single pair is numbered out of 216.

    You can find the Tooth Paste in resell platforms for astonishing prices, even if not in Dead Stock condition.

    #12 Concepts x New Balance 997 “Rosé”

    Concepts x New Balance 997 "Rosé"

    Image Credits: Runner Wally

    The long-lasting relationship between Concepts and New Balance is displayed with the release of great pairs. This 997 is no different.

    Celebrating the opening of its New York store, a rosé colorway is displayed across the upper altogether with a 3M grey crocodile-leather on tongue, heel, and center-panel. Can we say that this is the best 997 ever to be released?

    #13 Colette x UNDFTD x La MJC x New Balance 1500

    Colette x UNDFTD x La MJC x New Balance 1500

    Image Credits: Sneaker Files

    This pair may be hard to find in your size, however, it is not an expensive one, even within the resell community. After all, they do not get much love nor get their deserved credit. Personally, it is a pair I would rock.

    The upper consists of blue suede with yellow accents. Details are seen on the leopard-print lining and insoles as well as a blue speckled midsole.

    #14 Ronnie Fieg x New Balance 997.5 “Mykonos Cyclades”

    Ronnie Fieg x New Balance 997.5 "Mykonos Cyclades"

    Image Credits: Sneaker Zimmer

    No introductions needed once it comes to Ronnie Fieg. This hybrid is built using the upper of a 997 and the midsole of the 998 – both models, in separate, are most probably two of the best ever that New Balance ever released.

    This particular silhouette takes inspiration from the Greek island of Mykonos and as expected, premium materials are used. In all honesty, we can’t think of a better New Balance pair to wear during warm summer days.

    #15 Hanon x New Balance 1500 “Chosen Few”

    Hanon x New Balance 1500 "Chosen Few"

    Image Credits: VagrantSneaker

    I have to admit that I am quite a bias when it comes to Hanon collaborations. Maybe another time you can find out why, however, this is one of the best 1500 ever to release.

    Unfortunately, you will have a hard time trying to find a pair, unless you are willing to spend an arm and a leg for it. Somehow, they use the same color scheme as the Providers but of course, differences can be found. Let’s face it, the Scotts did a great job on these!

    #16 LFSTL x New Balance 577 “Kakkerlak”

    LFSTL x New Balance 577 "Kakkerlak"

    Image Credits: SneakerAddict

    For many, the 577 is the perfect silhouette. We won’t agree or disagree, however, we can state that it is amongst the best. I will risk it and say that the Kakkerlak, which translates to cockroach, is the most expensive pair of New Balance I have seen floating around.

    Limited to 120 pairs worldwide and inspired by the animal itself, resembling survival and adaptation, this is our favorite 577 ever. Yes, ever.

    #17 Norse Projects x New Balance 1500

    Norse Projects x New Balance 1500

    Image Credits: Thomas Lindie

    Inspired by Danish weather, these New Balance 1500 are pretty much underrated. Two colorways were released but this is our favorite, dressed in hues of light brown with orange accents.

    One detail that you may miss is the fact that the “N” is 3M and smaller, normally used for the 993 model.

    #18 Ronnie Fieg x New Balance 1300 “Salmon Sole”

    Ronnie Fieg x New Balance 1300 “Salmon Sole”

    Image Credits: SneakerAddict

    With the ENCAP® midsole technology, this silhouette provides support and maximum durability. Put all that together with Ronnie’s design and you get an awesome shoe. Dressed in hues of blue with white details and a salmon sole, this 1300 is, after all, a discrete pair.

    Nevertheless, its close-to-perfection shape and simple color combination, the “Salmon Soles” is one of the best New Balance collaborations ever to release.

    #19 Crooked Tongues x New Balance 1500 “Black Beard”

    NB x Crooked Tongues “Confederacy of Villainy” – 1500 Black Beard

    Just by looking at this pair, it is like getting kicked across the face. I am truly sorry if this sounds harsh, but this pair is so fierce that what I have described right above it is simply how I feel.

    So simple yet so powerful, this silhouette, in particular, is built using black suede for the upper with details in red-ish color. To make them pop, the outsole is white.

    #20 Sneaker Freaker x New Balance NB997.5 “Tassie Tiger”

    Sneaker Freaker x New Balance NB997.5 “Tassie Tiger”

    Image Credits: Sneaker Freaker

    Inspired by the extinct “Tassie Tiger”, this 997.5 got some negative feedback due to its shape. Well, you know how it works when New Balance produces in Asia.

    Nevertheless, this hybrid is built with premium materials using a terracotta color scheme. We should admit that, even if the shape is not perfect, it is quite a beautiful shoe to look at.

    The design is timeless, and the details are cleverly done – from the comfort to the cushioning. On top of that, these shoes have excellent traction and support your feet while you’re on the go. The colors are vibrant and stand out.

    I recommend this pair of shoes to anyone looking for a stylish and comfortable sneaker. They’re worth the money.

    The quality is superb, with stitched panels for durability and ventilation. The combination of leather and mesh makes them lightweight but still strong enough to last through any activity. Plus, the laces stay in place and give a secure fit.

    Overall, the Sneaker Freaker x New Balance NB997.5 “Tassie Tiger” is an amazing sneaker that looks great and performs even better. The combination of comfort, style, and support makes these shoes ideal for any situation – from running to everyday casual wear.

    #21 Foot Patrol x New Balance 1500 “Encyclopedia”

    Foot Patrol x New Balance 1500 "Encyclopedia"

    Image Credits: Foot Patrol

    Paying homage to the Britannica Encyclopedia, this 1500 by London’s finest features premium black suede and leather on the upper altogether with gold details on heel, tongue and “N”.

    Even if the aged midsole was done on purpose, it looks just perfect with its gum-sole. However, we should add that the shape of this particular model was far from perfect, therefore, it may be a “pass” for many. After all, the best detail on this pair is one you can’t see – the insoles.

    #22 J.Crew x New Balance 998 “Concrete Jungle”

    J.Crew x New Balance 998 “Concrete Jungle”

    Image Credits: SneakersBR

    It is unfortunate that most J.Crew collaborations tend to pass by under the radar. Over the years, we have seen many iterations of different models, but we have decided that this particular one gets the spot on our list.

    #23 Sneakersnstuff x New Balance 577SNE

    Sneakersnstuff x New Balance 577SNE

    Image Credits: Thomas Lindie

    We could not leave Sneakersnstuff out of this Top25. Quite a few pairs have been released by both sides, however, this green/purple / blue version seems to fit perfectly – it is right where it belongs. It is almost to find a pair for sale.

    #24 Solebox x New Balance 1500 “Nazar Eye”

    Solebox x New Balance 1500 “Nazar Eye”

    Image Credits: Oslo Sneaker Fest

    Arguably one of the best 1500 ever, the Nazar Eye is built using a very solid yet simple color combination – black and grey – all together with a gum sole to make them pop.

    Back in the days and in some cultures, the Nazar Eye was said to protect you from all evil, hence, this is where its inspiration comes from. There isn’t much that we can add – they are just perfect.

    #25 Premier x New Balance 998 “PRMR”

    Premier x New Balance 998 "PRMR"

    Celebrating the heartland’s automotive heritage, this silhouette pay homage to early automobiles, in particular, the Ford Model T. Around the upper, you can see hues of black and gold; at the same time, the gold-ish colorway around the toebox represents the luxurious metal grill of the car.

    The pair is delivered with a key-shaped hang-tag. Find out more right here.

    About the Best New Balance collaborations:

    New Balance has collaborated with some of the most well-known brands and stores all over the world. Their portfolio includes some really timeless silhouettes.

    Truth is that people have a thing for exclusive releases. It can even be a general release, still, if the brand says it’s pretty limited everyone goes after it. It is just how it is.

    Whether it is a New Balance limited edition UK or an all premium New Balance Made in the USA, most fans know that when it comes to New Balance quality is the thing.

    New Balance collabs also tend to be a serious topic when it comes to discussions about overall creativity regarding some of the best shoes ever created in collaboration in between brands.

    Born in the USA:

    English immigrant William J. Riley founded New Balance in Boston, USA, by 1903. He believed that chicken’s three-toed legs reflected pure balance. Hence, and even if born as a therapeutic shoe brand, New Balance is known for merging sports with fashion.

    Just have a look at most influencer’s Instagrams and you shall find out exactly that. In addition, they created the “Trackster”, the first running shoe with a ripple sole.

    They are one of the very few major brands in the world that still produce within the USA and UK. As expected, New Balance carries great heritage to all sneakerheads, therefore, that is why we decided to create this ultimate list of the 25 Best New Balance Collaborations of all time.

    Bear in mind that we could not name them all, but be sure to find in this Top25 some of the best that marked footwear industry at some stage.

    Looking to buy online some of these New Balance sneakers limited edition? Since most f the releases below are long gone, the best options for you now would be to go to sites like Flight Club, or eBay.


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