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ABC x Colette Radiant Living Collection

    ABC x Colette Radiant Living Collection

    ABC x Colette available now

    What is the most interesting collab you can think of? Maybe it’s adidas and Swarovski partnering up.

    Likewise, you might have been a fan of the more recent STIHL x KangaROOS effort. As it turns out, the fashion world also has its fair share of curious collabs.

    This time, we get a look at the ABC x Colette Radiant Living collection. ABC – Advisory Board Crystals – is equal parts crystal shop and guide.

    They see themselves less as purveyors and more as advisors. The crystals you buy (the options of which are plenty) depend on your mood, thoughts, and feelings.

    On the other side of the collab, Colette isn’t far off from that approach. The Parisian storefront consistently aims to make shopping an entirely interactive experience.

    And it isn’t just clothes and shoes. Colette also offers a variety of books, magazines, even specialty teas.

    Considering their shared approaches to different industries, this partnership actually feels natural. Particularly worthy of note in the collection is the bright hoodie.

    This hand-dyed piece is made of a material that has ‘magical properties’ infused into it. The dying process is also unique to ABC.

    Whether or not you believe in the ‘magic’ doesn’t really matter. In and of itself, this collection is worth your time.

    Available now, you can find the ABC x Colette Radiant Living collection at ABC’s website. While you’re here, make sure to check out the Medicom 20 years anniversary book available now.