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A Crisp adidas Gazelle OG in Triple Black

    Adidas Gazelle OG in Triple Black

    Gazelle Triple Black: in stealth mode

    The adidas Gazelle is one of the brand’s most successful pieces. Like other Three Stripes models, it also has a history with RUN DMC.

    In 1986, the shoe gains major popularity via the brand’s partnership with the hip-hop group. And now, we see the adidas Gazelle OG in Triple Black.

    In addition to being a popular choice, Triple Black is a versatile scheme. You can wear pretty much anything with a pair of All-Black Gazelle’s.

    This OG model features leather as the base material. Though the whole shoe is in Black, we do see Gazelle printed in Gold font.

    adidas gazelle og triple black

    adidas Gazelle OG Triple Black

    The original adidas Gazelle was released more than three decades ago. The fact is that up to this day, there is no such thing as “one” single and only adidas Gazelle.

    It is all due to the fact that adidas had multiple licensing deals all over the world, something that basically meant that most of the times there were several different versions of the same model. However, and even so, history says that the first ever adidas Gazelle was released back in 1966.

    The shoe was originally based upon the ‘Rom’ a silhouette that was created for the 1964 Rome Summer Olympic Games. Needless to say, it became a favorite of the German Olympic team mostly due to its incredible (at the time) technical specs.

    Long story short, during the following decades the Gazelle appeared randomly with some of adidas’ collections and yearly releases. Fast forward a few more years and in 1991, the “new” adidas Gazelle appeared.

    The model was all the same one with the only difference being its bulkier shape. So, considering that, what we see now (in most releases) is, in fact, an updated version of 1991 original, and not of the 1966 OG.

    You can find the adidas Gazelle OG in Triple Black available right now.