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A Nod To Knockoffs: adidas Originals by Alexander Wang

    adidas originals by alexander wang pufferjacket

    adidas and Alexander Wang deliver a reversible Puffer Jacket

    Way too many pieces stand out, no doubt, but this exclusive reversible adidas Alexander Wang puffer jacket just stands out of the most. It overturns the rules of style by combining high fashion and sports.

    Nevertheless, even if such approach and fashion combination has become more mainstream than ever, Mr Wang can still exceed. He keeps on doing it collection after collection, release after release.

    The adidas Originals by Alexander Wang Reversible Puffer Jacket is available now at END. for 525€.

    adidas originals by alexander wang pufferjacket

    All adidas x Wang with an all-over print

    Built using ripstop nylon, the Alexander Wang Reversible Puffer Jacket displays an all-over print on one side, combining both Alexander Wang and adidas‘s logos. In addition, some of the logos are flipped and reversed in a nod to knockoffs that have previously been seen.

    On the other hand, turn it over and you have an all-black puffer. For last but not least, this Alexander Wang adidas jacket has double-ended zippers and elasticated trims to the cuffs, delivering both form and function.

    From New York to the world:

    We are pretty sure you have heard about Alexander Wang, however, how much do you know about him after all? The Taiwanese-American fashion designer, amongst many other early achievements, studied at Parsons School of Design in New York while working, at the same time, for Marc Jacobs.

    Half-way in his studies, he dropped out of school and got down on creating his own brand that came to life later in 2005. Apart from being present basically all over the world, Alexander Wang‘s flagship store is located in Manhattan.

    Today, as one of the most respected fashion designers in the world, Wang does not only work towards his brand but also merges forces with others. adidas Originals is just one of the brands that shared with him some creative flow.