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The adidas Originals Forest Hills Is Back

    adidas originals forest hills

    Back from the ’70s: adidas Originals Forest Hills

    The adidas Originals Forest Hills are set to release, yet again, in the near future. Throughout time, we have witnessed many re-releases. Some models, in particular, are immortal and eternal, and this is the case.

    Originally released in the late 70s, the adidas Forest Hills 72 was influenced by quite a few iconic tennis players, the greats from back in the day. Yes, you are right when you think about Martina Navratilova and Rod Laver (another adidas pair that has been resurrected in recent times, part of their vintage classics archive).

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    The adidas Forest Hills are from the 1970s and ahead of time

    adidas originals forest hills

    During the late 70s, the adidas Forest Hills were considered rather avant-garde. The silhouette featured ventilation holes on the outer panel, for example. Its fantastic colorway displaying gold and yellow was a true hit on the court.

    Moreover, the sneakers’ midsole was developed by NASA, designing it to assure that ultimate comfort and performance was provided. Also, the shoes’ weight is just about 270g. Maybe, and just maybe, we can consider them the to be Boost of the 70s.

    Inspired by what it was the home of the US Open Tennis Tournament up ’till 1978, Forest Hills was a neighborhood in Queens, New York City, laying many foundations for the sport of Tennis. Not much has changed since then.

    Additional info: Get to know some interesting versions of the Forest Hills (including the adidas originals Forest Hills Vintage)  available on ebay.

    Made with Premium Tumbled Leather

    The adidas Originals Forest Hills are still delivered in premium tumbled white leather (the first was built using kangaroo leather) displaying golden three-stripes on the side. In addition, you will be able to notice soft branding on the heel as well as a yellow midsole altogether with a brushed-grey toe-bumper and a hi-tech mesh tongue, perfect for breathability.

    The shoes were not just worn during tennis games, on the contrary. During the 80s, the UK football terrace scene was booming, therefore, they quickly grew in popularity among the community.

    We sure agree that the adidas Originals Forest Hills has been forgotten by many, but it is never too late to bring them back. Plus, they were also featured in the 2009 British movie ‘Awaydays‘.

    About four years ago there was the release of an adidas Originals Forest Hills Vintage. At the time, featuring an all-white version with beige suede detailing. Finally, and if you are an adidas fan, make sure to check out where to buy the Top 10 Best Ultra Boost Uncaged Colorways.