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Three Stripes, You’re In: adidas Ultra Boost review

    adidas Ultra Boost review

    Our adidas Ultra Boost review

    Considering how prevalent this remarkable shoe is – and the oncoming return of the OG – an adidas Ultra Boost review feels appropriate. The Three Stripes brand continues to dominate much of the chatter within running circles. In large part, this is thanks to their elite-level cushion system. Boost is something of an industry standard at the moment.

    Though it’s not on the market as long as some older innovations, the innovative foam-like material is everywhere. Anyone who runs even moderately seems to know about it. Even names like Kanye West and James Harden find themselves throwing the cushion on many of their signature sneakers.

    Adidas Ultra Boost Running Review: Worth the Hype?

    When adidas puts Boost underneath any of its shoes, something interesting happens. The shoe seems to find itself with at least a little passive hype behind it. Meaning, the brand doesn’t have to go through too much of their own marketing efforts.

    Simply having Boost underfoot is enough to warrant a glance. This raises a fair question: is it all worth the hype? Even more so, is it worth the hefty price tag of models such as the Ultra Boost?

    Let’s kick things off by taking on the Ultra Boost’s functional value. The specs are often straightforward. A lightweight, often Primeknit upper stands with minimal caging and a synthetic heel counter. This minimalist upper sits on a full-length Boost midsole as well as a Continental rubber outsole.

    A Closer Look

    The choice of Primeknit on the upper is functionally brilliant. Most major brands are well into adopting knit uppers all across their catalog. But, the Ultra Boost’s use of Primeknit is particularly worthy of note thanks to the considerate design. It’s a breathable shoe that comes with supportive strength while maintaining stretch.

    Next up are the extra support features. The lateral caging, in the shape of Three Stripes branding, feels like it’s hardly there, but keeps you stable on both longer and shorter runs. Considering, there are clear differences between the Ultra Boost and the Pure Boost.

    The heel counter works great as well. Visually, you hardly see it on most colorways as it tends to blend in, but it’s quite sturdy. It’s an often underrated element of any performance sneaker, as a heel counter is largely responsible for stabilizing your foot strikes.

    Boost Practicality

    Of course, the Boost cushioning is also absolutely fantastic. We all know it’s arguably the softest and most plush setup on the market. What we didn’t know is just how potent it is on different run durations and surfaces.

    The most indicative testing surface is that of hard concrete/ pavements. The Ultra Boost is a perfect choice for those of us who are city dwellers and happen to run regularly.

    Of course, you can always put together your own Ultra Boost adidas review by trying on a pair for yourself. From iterations that tone down the colors to ones that strip away the cage, there are plenty of choices here! Check out some of our favorites.

    adidas Ultra Boost 2.0 Multicolor

    adidas ultra boost multicolor


    This gem actually makes a return in 2018, recently dropping on August 2nd. The Ultra Boost’s many tech features see competition from its visual elements, and this colorway is the perfect example. Multicolor and knit uppers will always be a gorgeous combination. We can only hope adidas keeps bringing back some of their past heat!

    Where to Buy:

    adidas Ultra Boost Wool Grey

    One of the subtle issues with wearing the Ultra Boost is actually also one of its strengths. Primeknit uppers are great for breathability but often succumb to colder temperatures. This Wool Grey pair is a great solution to this issue, combining woven base uppers with the insulation of wool. The Grey color scheme also doesn’t hurt.

    Where to Buy:

    adidas Ultra Boost Black Women’s

    One for the ladies. You cannot go wrong with a tonal colorway on the Ultra Boost. The Black-on-White effect of this iteration reminds us of the OG look – save for the lack of Purple. Interestingly, this neutral colorway is also great for that everyday shoe or functional runner when the terrain gets a bit dirty.

    Where to Buy:

    Ultra Boost Black Silver

    The base color here is quite remarkable. Though Black and tonal, you can see threads of Silver all across the upper, from heel to toe. Still, the midsole still takes the proverbial cake on this colorway. On a list of shoes most suitable for trail runs, this iteration might well top our adidas Ultra Boost review.

    If no other reason, simply for the Black Boost midsole. Dipping the shoe entirely in the tonal scheme makes this a holy grail sneaker for those rainy days when things get a bit muddy outside.

    Where to Buy:

    adidas Ultra Boost Trace Pink

    Dropping just over a year ago, this colorway is pretty perfect for the summer. Trace Pink is a great name for this shoe as its upper has a mostly vague Pink glow. Otherwise, it’s yet another example of the Ultra Boost beautifully taking on a Grey scheme. One of the more interesting aspects here is the shoe’s heel counter. Specifically, it stands out quite a bit.

    Where to Buy:

    adidas Ultra Boost Light Blue Grey

    This look on the Ultra Boost 4.0 is understated but worth a look all the same. From a distance, it comes off as another Grey colorway. It takes some closer examination to really see a Light Blue tint. This is also another version with an expressive heel counter, showing up in a complimentary Blue shade this time.

    Where to Buy:

    adidas Ultra Boost Silver Boost

    The adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 Silver Boost is a visual feast for sneakerheads. The upper’s main color is no surprise here. As we constantly say, Grey on the Ultra Boost is a no-brainer. But, the midsole is the true highlight here. Gleaming in a Metallic color treatment, it’s by far the most audacious iteration we can think of.

    Where to Buy:

    adidas Ultra Boost Wine Red

    The Wine Red Ultra Boost shows us some “Bordeaux” flavor on the 3.0. As usual with the Primeknit upper, that base hue joins streaks of accompanying contrast. The combination of these visual elements with that thick, White layer of Boost makes this an unmissable colorway.

    adidas Ultra Boost Green

    Arguably our favorite part of doing an adidas Ultra Boost review is checking out all of the different looks for this glorious shoe. As much as we love going for bolder colorways, iterations such as this Green one are quite tempting. Thanks to the addition of a more matte lateral caging, this edition gives off some “Forest” vibes.

    Where to Buy:

    adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged White Navy

    Taking the lateral support cage off of the Ultra Boost sounds a bit drastic at first, but it turns out to be a gem. This White/ Navy scheme looks almost as though it was caught in a snowstorm!

    Where to Buy:

    Ultra Boost Black Grey

    The upper is here is actually kinda wild. A Black base takes on gradient shades of Grey and even sports a unique spotting pattern all throughout. For those of you opt to do your own adidas Ultra Boost review in person, these are quite the sight.

    Where to Buy:

    adidas Ultra Boost Bronze Medal

    adidas ultra boost bronze medal core black


    It’s starting to look like the Ultra Boost’s heel counter is the easiest way to show off some of its versatility. The adidas crew even makes sure to make the majority of this colorway as basic as possible so that the Bronze on the heel counter really pops. In fact, we won’t be surprised if fans of the adidas Ultra Boost review these simply by staring.

    Where to Buy:

    adidas Trace Cargo Ultra Boost

    adidas Ultra Boost Trace Cargo


    The adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 Trace Cargo is another shoutout to Green sneakers. Traditionally, Cargo iterations are all about making sure you see the iconic print. Here, we instead get a more subtle interpretation of it on the Ultra Boost’s lightweight upper.

    Where to Buy:

    adidas Ultra Boost White Grey

    Another classic look for the 3.0, dressing the shoe in a Grey scheme and complimentary White details. The heel counter sports Silver branding. It looks quite similar to the Clima Cool colorway used when doing our functional adidas Ultra Boost review.

    Where to Buy:

    adidas Ultra Boost 2.0 Olive

    adidas Ultra Boost 2.0 Olive


    Another gradient finish on this Olive colorway of the Ultra Boost 2.0. Knit uppers offer a surprising amount of visual flexibility and this iteration takes advantage. The work done on the forefoot really makes for a unique take on the shoe’s usual aesthetic.

    Where to Buy:

    adidas Ultra Boost Triple Black Women’s

    The Womens Ultra Boost Triple Black is another look at the Boost midsole when it meets a color dye. Above being a truly crisp iteration, this sort of color scheme will be hard to spoil with dirt or debris. Wear it freely!

    Where to Buy:

    adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 Grey Leather Cage

    There are several examples of the Ultra Boost 3 Grey, but this is one of our favorites. Thanks to the addition of leather via the caging, this colorway is also a nice choice for when the months get a bit colder. If our adidas Ultra Boost Review was done in the Fall season, this would be a great choice.

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    Images via adidas and Flight Club