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Afew Open up a New Concept Store

    Afew Concept store

    Afew goes Concept

    Sneaker stores are getting really exciting. As the years go by, the ideas get more imaginative, making the shopping experience extra special.

    Buying a sneaker is a pretty special outing, to begin with, but some stores are really pushing the envelope. Most recently, we see Afew open up a very interesting concept store. 

    The German store is already well known due to some powerful collaboration sneakers like the “Highly Addictive” with Diadora, or the recent project with Saucony.

    Claiming a spot within the Japanese community of Dusseldorf, the store has seen a few changes since its 2008 opening. Now, it gets perhaps its most glaring design.

    An adaptable store concept:

    Space itself is surprisingly adaptable. Magnetic placements make it more than a sneaker store, expanding to a general event space.

    When you walk in the store, you’ll notice a whole lot. Still, the most evident might be the lack of any traditional check-out area.

    That’s because, due to some functional design, that area is actually integrated into the furniture of the store and only appears when you’re ready to make a purchase.

    There are even digital media stations were buyers can get info on sneakers they might want to buy.

    In fact, you can even request a pair from the stockroom to the sales floor with just a few taps on a screen. Speaking of which, you’ll notice a wide variety available from the game’s biggest brands.

    The functionality makes this space a modern wonder, but Afew open up a concept that includes fauna and abstract art. Check them out for a truly unique shopping experience!