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Affordable Luxury: Axel Arigato

    Axel arigato footwear

    Luxury made for you: Axel Arigato

    Born in 2014, Axel Arigato rose to fame quite fast. The brand is present in main stations worldwide, including their own London flagship, making luxury slightly more affordable to everyone.

    Arigato is just one of the latest minimalist sneaker brands, just like Common Projects or CQP. No need to buy $2000 luxury sneakers when you have these. It’s a matter of perspective, after all.

    The French-Swedish label started by designing shoes but increased its range to bags, leather goods, and even clothes. Every item is minimally designed in polished and subtle Italian leather assembled and produced in Portugal and Spain.

    When it comes to quality and contemporary fashion, in all honesty, it is a face-to-face quest to bigger brands like Balenciaga, but for a fraction of the retail price. Taken to a minimum, yet stylish arrangement, Axel Arigato’s latest drop is available now.