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Aimé Leon Dore Dives Back Into Nostalgia

    Aimé Leon Dore

    Aimé Leon Dore is all about old school vibes

    Aimé Leon Dore has an appreciation for an old-school ball. To show this, the brand hosted a 3×3 tournament in Harlem. The NYC-based brand also based the games on a traditional pick-up style.

    The tournament was called Thank You Mike. It also happens to be the name of Aimé’s latest collection. This capsule collection reference’s the brand’s strong ties with NYC culture. Consequently, we see a subtle flair.

    The pieces include hoodies and tees, each sporting a “Thank You Mike” script in a nondescript font. Though easy to miss, Leon Dore’s looks fit in well with a streetwear scene that obsesses over typeface.

    You can check out the entire collection now, available at the brand’s website. Also, make sure to check out Aimé Leon Dore newest pieces.