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Air Jordan 1 Rookie of the Year: Weekend Drop

    air jordan 1 rookie of the year

    Air Jordan 1 Rookie of the Year Release Date

    The Air Jordan 1 Rookie of the Year drops this weekend, November 17th. This shoe highlights yet another MJ milestone.

    Throughout his NBA tenure, Michael Jordan accrues an insane amount of awards and accolades.  Along the way, Jordan Brand dedicates some colorways to these triumphs. During his actual playing days, the iterations were solid. However, things got even more interesting once MJ retired.

    The Air Jordan 1 Rookie of the Year is a nice example of this. Much like several previous drops, it calls back to a key moment in the past. This time, however, it gets specific.

    The colorway on this model is a reference to MJ’s fashion. Particularly, it focuses on a shirt he was wearing during his ROY press conference.

    Awarding Michael Jordan Rookie of the Year

    aj 1 rookie of the year

    It’s the 1984-1985 season when the NBA world starts its MJ obsession. The young rookie was fresh out of UNC. He looked like it too, fresh-faced and full of energy. The run he goes on would be a memorable season. In fact, it eventually ends with the ROY award not even being close.

    Jordan underscores his brashness on the court with a wild shirt choice. The garment he wears during that 1985 press conference is remarkable. The soft texture of the brown hue is what inspires the Air Jordan 1 Rookie of the Year.

    What Would You Rate the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Rookie of the Year?

    aj 1 rookie

    The Rookie of the Year Air Jordan 1 might be this year’s best iteration. That’s no small accomplishment either. 2018 points a focus towards this shoe. We only recently saw the brand opt for a full week of AJ1 drops.

    Structurally, most of the elements remain as they usually are. This comes as no surprise as retros hardly ever change. Yet, the subtle details are a nice touch.

    The Air Jordan 1 Rookie of the Year features a standard tumbled leather upper. On top of this sit softer overlays of what looks to be suede. One of the special additions here is an ankle tag. It shows MJ’s rookie year stats, including an astonishing 28 points per game.

    Hitting stores this weekend, you don’t want to miss out on this stylish iteration. If nothing else, it’s an intriguing piece of Michael Jordan’s lineage. Considering its inspiration, it’s also a reminder of how great pro hoops can be.

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