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Air Jordan 1 Triple Black

    Air Jordan 1 Triple Black | Cult Edge

    Air Jordan 1 goes Triple Black

    In this day and age, when all recent releases find the infinite road of triple black, the Air Jordan 1 also found that darker path. The classic of all classics finds its way back with this definitive all-black take.

    It features an all leather upper, the better known Nike Air tongue label and the very notable ‘Air Jordan Wings’ branding on the side.

    Air Jordan 1 Triple Black | Cult Edge

    Background about the Air Jordan 1:

    The Air Jordan 1 was originally released back in 1985. Designed by Peter Moore the shoe gained its place in history really fast.

    As of today, the first ever version is still nicknamed “Banned” due to the fact that David Stern (NBA’s former commissioner), stated that the shoe’s colorway did not match with the basketball league’s regulations. The truth is that we all heard this story before, at some stage,  in some way or another.

    Every time Michael Jordan went on court wearing the Air Jordan 1 Black / Red he was fined $5,000. It continues to be a lot of money today. Just imagine that over three decades ago.

    Nike opted to pay the damages in full. Marketing maneuver? Savy foreseeing of the future of the sneakers business? Back then, neither Jordan or Stern or even Nike for all that matters would have thought that such event would cause a sneaker “riot”.

    The fact that they were ‘banned’ really makes most people believe that that really was the trigger for the rise of the sneaker culture as we know it today.

    OG and alternative versions releases

    We have seen many OG colorways hitting the market through the years. Everything was jump-started in 1994 as a retro model, following Jordan‘s retirement from basketball.

    Thereafter and up until 2008, sneaker enthusiasts, as well as collectors, were not happy with the models that were available. Hence, Nike decided to re-release them with its original high-cut silhouette. They did just the right thing.

    In all aspects, including Fragment Design and Lance Mountain collaborations, among many others, the silhouette has been re-worked in canvas (Air Jordan 1 KO) and of course, they returned with the OG “Nike Air” branding.

    Included is also the vintage-inspired box making sure every pair is delivered with the right retro/vintage feeling. All this making Nike costumers more than joyous.

    It is never too late to own one. Well, if you have a bit of spare money aside, you can always buy a 1985 OG but that should set you back around $1500/$2000 for a deadstock condition pair (check out some of the stock available on eBay for example). Well, good for you if you can it. On the other hand, you can always buy a close-to-perfection retro.

    Around the web (and that includes Facebook groups and reseller platforms) you can find every single colorway available as of today.

    Meanwhile, check out the Air Jordan 1 Triple Black available now at asphaltgold.