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Air Jordan 8 BG Sequoia

    Air Jordan 8 BG Sequoia

    A true original: Air Jordan 8 BG Sequoia

    The Air Jordan 8 BG Sequoia shows us there are plenty of reasons why Air Jordan sneakers are so popular. There is a connection between the Jumpman and hip-hop culture that remains strong.

    And, of course, the sneakers come with the myth-like stories of Michael himself. This Air Jordan 8 BG Sequoia is no exception to that.

    The AJ 8 has a remarkable story on and off the court. This is the first sneaker to tinker (pun certainly intended) with the idea of releasing a Nike shoe without the Swoosh.

    In fairness, this isn’t as crazy as it sounds. By this time, the Jordan line is as solidified in the sneaker world as MJ is on the court.

    But, the suggestion initially meets laughter. Still, Hatfield persists and eventually gets the go-ahead. The result was the AJ 8’s original, Nike branding-free release.

    Perhaps the first thing one notices about this shoe is its size. Even comparing it to the similarly high-profile Air Jordan 1 makes this sneaker seem huge.

    Another unique element was the strapped support system that goes across the midfoot area of the upper.

    This iconic model will be releasing soon at SneakAvenue in a full run of sizes. But, for now, check out the Gradeschool sizes while they’re still here.