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In-Your-Face: AMBUSH®

    ambush design

    Discover AMBUSH®

    Inspired by innovative and experimental pop art motifs, AMBUSH® embodies an in-your-face rebellion against traditional structures and shapes both sartorially and socially.

    Engulfed in an outside world of strict uniformity and obedience, this up-and-coming Japanese brand captures the iconic, avant-garde subculture of Tokyo street fashion.

    Ambush label is beyond gender

    AMBUSH®’s androgynous and provocative designs break free from traditional, binary notions of physical form and gender – positioning their apparel as a canvas conveying a unique pop art concept.

    Starting out as a unisex jewelry line – famous for their POW!™ motif–, AMBUSH® later burst onto the world stage in a 2015 Paris debut with their VERBAL & YOON collection.

    Following that, they rocketed them to critical acclaim in Business of Fashion’s Top 500 designers influencing global fashion.

    Eccentric and unconventional from design concept to fabric detail, this pop, edgy haute-couture expresses the unisex evolution of modern society and transcends traditional boundaries.

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