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Do Girls Do It Better? : An Interview With Snkr Girl

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    Spain based Snkr Girl shows us just why girls do it better

    Times are changing, no doubt. Hence, we decided to talk with Snkr Girl, Jimena Diez. Born and raised in Spain, you can learn a bit more about the Spanish sneaker scene. Snkr Girl also shares some precious insight about all there is to know regarding the best sneakers for girls.

    More importantly, you can also understand just how all coolness matters regarding the sneaker game. Jimena can still put out a smile on her face and keep on going even knowing that not every pair is available for girls.

    Surely, we have noticed that the sneaker world is mostly all about the boys. Some collaborations only release in men’s sizing (even though that has been slowly changing).

    The hard fact is that all the self-described “cool” and hyped models are released in men’s sizes only. The best sneakers for girls are still hard to find.

    However, and most of the time the girls just don’t get enough access overall. It is a shame, as you will be able to find out shortly.

    Around here, we firmly believe that the females should have exactly the same access and respect when comparing to the male public.

    The girl sneaker game simply deserves more. Therefore, this small interview will give you a bit of further insight into what’s to walk in “girl’s shoes”.

    Check out our interview with Snkr Girl.

    Hi! Thanks for being with us. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how this all started for you?

    Hello! First of all, I would like to thank you for contacting me. As I feel truly connected and passionate about sneakers, it is a pleasure to be part of this amazing project of and for the sneaker culture.

    My name is Jimena and I am from Madrid, Spain. I started to fall in love with footwear in general when I was a teenager, during high school.

    I loved when I used to go with my father to sports stores around the city, and I always wanted him to buy me one pair, every single time. We all went through that, did we not?

    Let’s kick it off with some fire together with the most classic question. What are your top 3 pairs in your collection? And what’s your top 3 that you still do not have?

    My top 3 shoes, right now, are the Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel Lyte V “Sage”, the Nike Air Max 1 Animal ’18 and the one and only Ronnie Fieg x Slam Jam x Diadora RF7000 “Primo”.

    The pairs I still do not own and would love to rock is the Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel Lyte V “Volcano”, the AFEW x Asics Gel Lyte III “Koi” and the OG Atmos x Nike Air Max 1 “Elephant”.

    Is there any model/brand that you own, or not, that does not get enough credit? Why is that?

    As mentioned above, the “Primo” sneakers, for me, is a pair that has one of the best materials that I ever saw. Diadora is an amazing brand.

    Most pairs have that incredible finish, designs and high-quality materials overall. Even though it has become more popular over time, the brand still does not get enough love, unfortunately.

    How do you see the Spanish sneaker culture?

    During the last years, the sneaker culture has been growing exponentially. I do not know how many stores have opened around here in Madrid.

    If you walk around the city center you will know exactly what I mean, however, I think that we are a few points in cities such as London, Paris or Berlin. We will get there, eventually.

    What are your current views regarding the footwear industry? Where is it heading?

    I think that now we are in a frenetic and crazy moment as a whole. I mean, there are a lot of releases, week after week. I find it so crazy because every weekend you have some pair that is launching.

    Mostly, nevertheless, are instore raffles, so it is very hard to catch all the sneakers you want. Also, the business of reselling with (sometimes) prohibitive prices make it even more difficult to have amazing pairs in my rotation. But that’s how the world works.

    Also, Instagram has revolutionized the industry and everyone want the same pairs. One thing that keeps happening is that people buy kicks that, at first, they don’t care about or know about – but you know the hype, it just makes people crazy.

    I’m not a “witch” 🙂 and I cannot predict the future, but I think that the “bubble” of sneakers, in general, should be bursting after some time.

    Now, we get to see more girls involved in the whole footwear and streetwear industry. What can you tell us about that?

    Recently, most if not all the main brands take care of the girls and realize that it is important to make women’s’ sizes. We, as girls, need to help each other and do it for the better of the community. We can achieve many, many great things in the future if we all stay united.

    Is there any pair that you stock and don’t rock?

    Never! When and if I buy a pair of kicks, I get to wear them on the first day, 90% of the times.

    Any last words?

    Thank you very much for this opportunity! You can also check my work on IG – @snkrgirl. Be happy!  🙂

    (Pictures via Pixelagus)