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Asics Gel-Mai

    asics gel mai h703n4590

    Pure 90’s: Asics Gel-Mai

    The ASICS GEL-Mai is among the most recent re-introductions from the Japanese brand, giving us a new look at an older piece from the GEL line. This might be the best example of a sneaker feeding of collaboration hype. In and of itself, it’s about as nondescript as a running shoe can be.

    After collaborative releases featuring Slam Jam and Ronnie Fieg, it’s firmly back on the sneakerhead map. After the Asics Gel Mai Ronnie Fieg or the Asics Gel Mai Bodega, we’re getting a chance to own some general release colorways as well.

    Again, you couldn’t pick this sneaker out of most line-ups. In fact, you wouldn’t be faulted for mixing it up for a nondescript Reebok release from the early 2000s. Nonetheless, the GEL-Mai is worth a look.

    asics gel mai h703n4590

    Image Credit: MATE

    Style meets technical:

    The technical build is solid, as is always the case with ASICS releases. A mesh base is paired with suede overlays, all sitting on top of the iconic GEL cushioning system via a White midsole.

    Sporting these features, each of the general release models features a different aesthetic take. A Black/ White pair give you a simple and versatile finish while a touch of Royal helps another pair stand out.

    These aren’t flashy releases by any means. In fact, they’re hardly functional hits either, considering they lean more towards a lifestyle/ casual purpose.

    Regardless, there is a very strong appeal here. As is often the case with sneakerheads, we consistently yearn for the designs and themes of years gone by.

    The GEL-Mai stands in for that salute to 90’s sneaker design we miss so much. If nothing else, this might be the most positive “what are those?” you’re ever going to get.