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Autobots, Roll Out! BAIT x Diadora

    BAIT x Diadora transformers

    BAIT and Diadora together

    BAIT merges forces with Italy-based Diadora to create four new pairs that take inspiration from the movie characters in TransformersOptimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron and Soundwave.

    In addition, three Diadora models were chosen to create such collaboration: N9000, S8000 and Aeon. Every individual pair is built mixing materials such as leather, suede, and nubuck with 3M details altogether with shiny-silver insoles.

    Whatever pair you decide to buy, it will come with a “TV Edition” collectible figure designed by Les Schettkoe as well as a matching special box. Diadora has a long history with BAIT, releasing quite a handful of collaborations.

    This was all created during a very short period of time throughout very few years. Some are among the most sought-after Diadoras of all time. Available now, you can purchase these Diadora at all BAIT locations or enter an online raffle.