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Balenciaga’s Best Sneakers Available Right Now

balenciaga best sneakers

Balenciaga: luxury sneakers brand to watch

When it comes to European sneakers brands or luxury men’s sneakers for that matter, Balenciaga best sneakers tend to overshadow all the competition. Sure, there are a lot of competitors’ brands, however, Balenciaga just stands out.

A short time ago, the brand announced the release of five new colorways of their Balenciaga Triple S sneakers, but their catalog is way bigger than that.

Balenciaga Best Sneakers Available Now:


Balenciaga Race Runners Black

balenciaga race runners black
Balenciaga Race Runners Black

After all, it seems that our favorite silhouette is the Balenciaga Race Runners. Full of specs, these Made in Italy slip-on race trainers are built using a mix of materials like no other: mesh, calfskin, leather, suede, and neoprene. In addition, it displays an elastic band close to the toebox, allowing your feet to be super-snug when walking and of course, comfort is achieved due to its rubber sole and microfiber foam lining.

Balenciaga Speed Trainer Black

balenciaga speed trainer black
Balenciaga Speed Trainer Black

The cold weather is right around the corner. Is there any better excuse to feel cozy? Well, Balenciaga debuted not that long ago the Speed Trainer. Weighting just only 240g and Made in Italy, they are one of the most comfortable boot-like sneakers you can buy due to its knit upper and “No Memory” sole technology.

Balenciaga High Sneakers Black

balenciaga high sneakers black
Balenciaga High Sneakers Black

If comfort is not your go-to feature, stay classy with Balenciaga’s High Sneakers. You just have to choose your favorite colorway and rock them. Even if considered simple, the colors may help them stand out (i.e. electric blue and/or rouge grenade).

Have a look at some of Balenciaga’s best sneakers models and iterations available right below. Also, make sure to check out Balenciaga’s shoes and sneakers selection at Matches Fashion.

Balenciaga Best Sneakers


Balenciaga Speed High Slip-On Bordeaux



balenciaga high slip on bordeaux

Balenciaga Skate Slip On Noir Leather


balenciaga skate slip on noir leather

Balenciaga Speed High Top Sock Trainers Graphite Grey



balenciaga speed high top trainer graphite grey

Balenciaga Black Leather Sneakers


balenciaga black leather sneakersBalenciaga Race Runner Panelled Low-top Trainers Black


Balenciaga Race Runner Panelled Low-top Trainers Black

Balenciaga Speed Low Slip-On



balenciaga speed low slip onBalenciaga Leather Suede and Mesh High-Top


balenciaga leather suede mesh high top

Balenciaga Leather Suede and Mesh Slip-On



balenciaga leather suede mesh slip-on


Premium sneakers all over

Luxury footwear is something that we are getting pretty used to. It does not matter if your best friend is A$AP Rocky or if you have been saving for one straight year to afford a pair – what I mean is that nowadays, high-end couture is present in our lives.

And that happens one way or the other, even if your hobby is to spend hours drooling on Instagram just looking at pictures. The Balenciaga Speed Trainer, Balenciaga Race Runners, and all Balenciaga trainers seem to be a favorite for all fashion aficionados these days.

Balenciaga: 100 Years of History in the making:

Amongst many (but, not that many…), Balenciaga has been around for almost 100 years. The fashion-house moved from San Sebastian to Paris after the civil war. Cristóbal Balenciaga, the co-founder of the brand passed away during the 70s, but his legacy kept on going with the brand’s high-end perfectionism.




Image credits (featured): VITALLE