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Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers: New Colorways Soon

    new balenciaga triple s

    Bulky sneakers on a whole new level? Right on. The Balenciaga Triple S sneakers available to buy now are for sure one of the most reported and talked about models of the last few months, and we all know why.

    Recently, the deluxe brand has announced that they will be launching brand new colorways. The Balenciaga Triple S shoes (among the best Balenciaga sneakers) feature distressed details like no other.

    It makes the silhouette look like it has been previously worn. And that is just another trend that has come up in recent times.

    In addition, embroidered details are seen around the toebox and side heel panel. It is all finished off with matching heavy duty rope laces. Right, we almost forgot: their triple-groove midsole is just humongous.

    black balenciaga triple s

    Are Chunky Sneakers Here to Stay?

    Let’s just wait and see how long this will stand if all of this on-feet bulkiness. Going back to the term “chunky midsoles” from the 90s, in this particular model, molds were taken from basketball and running sneakers, which makes them hyper-cushioned.

    The Balenciaga Triple S is built using leather and lightweight knit. Demna Gvasalia, Balenciaga’s Creative Director, added such silhouette to their range for the brand’s F/W17 Fashion Show. As it seems, it will keep on going for unlimited time.

    As a matter of fact, cheaper iterations from other brands and fast-fashion stores have also been produced and are flooding the market. Nevertheless, the Balenciaga Triple S continues to dominate with excellence.

    There is no way not to notice the new Triple S trainers. Don’t want to waste your time? Check them out now at Matches Fashion.

    You can also get yours on Balenciaga’s website or in high-end boutiques around the world such as Mr. Porter or Ssense.


    Late January caught us off guard in some way, as in, Balenciaga confirmed that the Triple S will be produced in China. We can understand that may be a little bit of a turn-off, but please do not judge a book by its cover.

    Not everything that is made in China is bad and cheaply produced. Otherwise, you would not be reading this article on your new iPhone X. Apart from all of this, the brand states that they will be able to produce a much lighter shoe, and that is great news.

    On the other hand, they will still set you back around $850. We surely hope that does not affect your desire for a pair. For Spring / Summer 2018, and as expected, Spain’s finest have revealed a slight transformation on their most coveted model.

    Certain details are still present, such as the toe embroidery. Hence, this chunky silhouette still boasts a conventional built using mesh and nubuck. We have heard that it may be considered lazy, but details matter, never forget about that

    Balenciaga Triple S renewed:

    The biggest difference that you will be able to notice is the metallic silver mudguards. Also, the close-to-the-toebox details have been replaced.

    To match it, the Balenciaga Triple S sneakers come equipped with black and white laces while a red “Triple S” tag is featured on the tongue. One important thing that we should mention is the fact that the so-called bulky and chunky sneakers and midsoles have been around for a quite a while. They have just become fashionable now.

    As a matter of fact, and by putting the 90s era aside, for once, Saucony has been doing it for a while. Truth is they all sit on the shelves, mostly. Sure, they are not as exaggeratedly built, but they are still bulky.

    It is all about the hype and who wears them on Instagram. If A$AP Rocky turns up in a pair of Shadow 5000 per say, trust us, these Triple S will be put aside, more or less.

    Balenciaga: From Spain to the World

    Balenciaga was born almost 100 years ago in Spain. The fashion-house opened its doors in San Sebastian and thereafter, moved to Paris due to the civil war. The fact that the brand relocated came due to bad reasons, but little did they know that it would only help them continue.

    Throughout the years, Cristóbal Balenciaga has proved to be one of the best at high-end perfectionism, up until the early 70s. Much has changed since his death, although the brand did not stop its legacy just on clothing. It has become obvious by now.