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Here’s why Ben and Jerry Dunks are a piece of art

    ben and jerrys dunks

    Ben and Jerry Dunks decided to defy the run-of-the-mill and appear in some grail-making elements. There’s no way you can shy away from the shoe. It’s chirpy, drippy, and super sensational, and it looks like the silo is truly made for Instagram’s explore tab. Bet you won’t stop flouncing over it.

    The Ben & Jerry x Nike SB Dunks were released in May 2020 for a retail price of $100 while bringing back some sentiments from the SB era of the early 2000s. It has been a hit ever since the launch. Nike’s most out-there design, Dunk’s most coveted pair; the silhouette harks back to the SB’s most early illustrious days.

    Ben and Jerry Dunks are the most hyped belonging of the SB family and Nike’s dedicated skateboarding sub-brand. That gives us enough reasons to throw some light on the noise it made in the sneaker realm.

    Released as a collegiate sneaker, the shoe was a pesky wait back then. Here’s how it swept sneakerheads off their feet.

    The gospel truth about the Ben and Jerry Dunks:

    1. The ‘Chunky Dunky’ shoes created some strong differences of opinion amongst the long-established fans of the classic SB Dunk.
    2. The ice-cream-inspired shoes created a storm on StockX with an insane resale value.
    3. The sneakers were a mammoth hit at retail and resale, thereby gaining an award for being the most promising pair in the Nike SB community.
    4. The silhouette pays homage to the ice cream’s packaging.
    5. The colors and textures came straight from the flavor Chunky Monkey- a delicious combination of fudge, banana ice cream and walnuts.
    6. Peter More designed these stunners with a blend of five materials.
    Ben & Jerry x Nike SB Dunks

    Ben and Jerry Dunks: Real vs Fake

    Here’s how you can spot the difference between real vs fake Ben and Jerry Dunks Chunky Dunky.

    1. In the fake Nike SB Dunk Low Ben & Jerry, the outer swoosh ends lower than the OG pair and has a more curved angle to it. While speaking of the left Swoosh, the fake pair will always have it ending lower and curving to the right. The replica Chunky Dunky’s will flaunt an overtly wide Swoosh.

    2. Look into the branding details on the tongue label. On a replica pair, find the space between the Chunky Dunky text larger than usual. Move to the Nike SB text, the OG pair will have the stamp short and thick.

    3. The sneaker size tag and the box label also have tales to tell. The legit pair will have the font thinner than the fake one.

    4. Turn around the insole of the sneaker and look at the backside. The fake pair is most likely to have inconsistent padding.

    5. Take a look at the sneaker heel closely, and you will notice some differences between the real and fake runners. Find the ‘NIKE’ lettering looking thicker on the counterfeit.

    6. Moving to the toe box section, the fake sneaker has smaller holes than the real one.

    7. And lastly, moving to the bottom section of the shoe, you will find the ‘NIKE SB’ logo in the centre of the sole. The authentic sneaker will have the logo in a significantly small size.

    And that was an explicit guide on spotting the fake Nike SB Dunk Low Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Dunky.

    The making of Ben and Jerry Dunks:

    Nike is not new in harnessing hype, but the success of Chunky Dunky was unreal. The shoe is a perky take on the frozen confectionary purveyor’s signature pint pail. The pair is a fitting theme for the chunky padded skate-focussed shoe. Ben & Jerry Dunks has reworked the classic with altered detailing and an innovative take.

    The sundae sneaker was the year’s biggest shoe, flaunting some vivid colors and slushy features. Simply put, the pair is Nike’s most delightfully preposterous silhouette ever made. Beyond boasting the ice cream’s trademark colors, the SB Dunk looked a lot like a half-baked pint. The signature Swoosh branding took charge of the lateral and medial sides, while dual branding is displayed at various spots.

    Ben & Jerry x Nike SB Dunks

    Speaking of the irresistible design, the sneaker features pony-hair overlays rendered in a cow print at the side panel. A melted golden Swoosh is treated to a melted ice cream effect, looking good enough to lick. Vermont creamery’s symbolic stodgy font hits every logo and label. The woven tag hallmark’s Chunky Dunky along with Nike SB branding. A grass green sole depicts a sense of calmness being divergent from the rest of the eye-catchy elements.

    To finish off the tempting design, a fully tie-dyed insole and lining appear as a nod to Ben and Jerry’s hippie roots.
    Some additional details include shock absorption underfoot, thick padding around the ankle, an extra set of laces to let you discover more flavors and a faux fur tongue for some intricate detailing.

    The Chunky Dunky isn’t for everyone, but it is a one-of-a-kind shoe that can’t stop you from longing, hating, arguing or stalking. They ooze out this strange love with an edge of toppings and sweets. You can love them or hate them, but you can’t ignore them.

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