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The Best Diadora Collabs Of 2017 (So Far)

    diadora x ubiq collaboration 2017

    A look at the Best Diadora Collaborations of 2017

    Diadora is one of the most active footwear brands when it comes to collaborations, therefore to create a list of some of the best Diadora collabs of 2017 is just very much necessary. Check out our list of the best Diadora collabs of 2017.

    UBIQ x Diadora N9000 “Whiz Wit”

    (Image Credit: UBIQ)

    In January 2017, there was no better way for Diadora to start off the year, even though this collaboration was launched very much under the radar. The UBIQ x Diadora N9000 “Whiz Wit” was inspired by the Philly Cheesesteak, a local dish of Philadelphia which is UBIQ’s home.

    Fusing local history with Italian craftsmanship, this premium leather, and suede sneaker is a must-have for any Diadora-head. Details are seen the special insoles, speckled midsoles, and four lace options.

    Patta x Diadora S8000 “Pagoda Blue”

    (Image Credit: Patta)

    Amsterdam’s finest also released another great pair of Diadora. Fortunately, you don’t get to see many iterations of the S8000 and unfortunately, this silhouette does not get enough love. On the other hand, around here, we just love it!

    Following a V7000 release in 2016, this unique silhouette came to life in brighter colors and built using retro materials like suede and mesh.

    The color detail on this pair is just out of this world: aqua-blue on side panels, orchid-purple on heel and mustard on the side-stripe. The pair is delivered with two additional laces altogether with a Made in Italy original Diadora tracksuit from the 90s.

    Hanon x Diadora V7000 “Midnight Express”

    (Image Credit: Hanon)

    The V7000 is a running silhouette that originally released in the 90s and most probably is one of our favorite silhouettes from the whole catalog.

    Continuing the “Saturday Special” theme, the black upper is built using silky pig suede, kangaroo leather as well as ostrich leather applied on the side stripes.

    Don’t be fooled, this pair has amazing details and is inspired by the “InterCity” sleeper train. For last but not least, the “Midnight Express” displays great 3M details.

    Afew x Diadora V7000 “Highly Addictive”

    (Image Credit: Afew)

    The hype was big on this one and it is our favorite Diadora collaboration up ’till now. AFEW from Dusseldorf released the V7000 “Highly Addictive” back in April and it was a true hit.

    Using kangaroo leather, pigskin suede, furry suede and engineered mesh for the upper, merging quality with athletic wear, this collaboration came together in the best possible way.

    With its mint and coral color-scheme altogether with details on heel and insoles, a blister-box was specially designed for this release. Furthermore, an F&F pair was also released, in black, and limited to only 50 pairs worldwide.

    Diadora x Titolo Intrepid “Five Almonds”

    (Photo Credits: Titolo)

    Paying tribute to traditional and matrimonial candy, the Diadora x Titolo Intrepid “Five Almonds” was released using pastel hues and built only with premium materials.

    Following Italian culture, the almonds given at Italian weddings represent wishes for health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity.

    In addition, the Intrepid was a model that was taken from Diadora’s archive and honestly speaking, even though they are not everyone’s cup of tea, we had a pleasant surprise when they were released.

    TGWO x Diadora “The Rise and Fall of The Roman Empire” & “S.P.Q.R”

    (Image Credit: TGWO)

    The Good Will Out has been on a full-sprint mode in 2017, not just with Diadora. However, they have released three collaborations, using three different models.

    The V7000 and S8000 are part of ‘The Rise and Fall of The Roman Empire Pack’ while the N9000 are named “S.P.Q.R. Senatus Populusque Romanus” and limited to 447 pairs worldwide.

    We would have to make a singular article about these three pairs to let you know everything about them.

    For now, just trust us – they are all truly amazing!

    Social Status x Diadora B.Elite “X-Pic”

    (Image Credit: Social Status)

    It is true that every single collaboration we have talked about goes back to the running side of Diadora. Social Status went the opposite way and decided to create an on-court classic collaboration.

    The B.Elite was introduced back in the 80s and now, decades after, they get a full make-over inspired by traditional desert moccasin slippers. Released in two colorways, these are true bangers! For last, a special edition t-shirt was also released together with the pairs.

    After all this, can we say that this is the year for Diadora? We have to wait a bit more to find out. Although, let’s not forget about the next Diadora release, the already super-hyped  “Correfocs” with LimitEDitions.

    Diadora and collaborations: an ongoing story

    For obvious reasons, we are sure you have heard about Diadora. Now, how much do you know about the brand? We can fill you in.

    Diadora’s first product had nothing to do with shoes, on the contrary – their first “invention” was some kind of hiking boots, and this happened back in the 50s. Before entering the so-called “athletic scene”, Marcello Danieli started to observe what people needed, therefore, he built skiing boots.

    With the boom of sports around the world, Diadora decided to go ahead and create athletic shoes, not only runners – a great example of that would be Björn Borg, a Swedish professional tennis player that even has his own signature shoe.

    Long story short, Diadora plays a big role when it comes to footwear and is still manufacturing in Italy. Their middle name is “quality”, as seen per the models that are shown here.