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The All Time Best of the Nike ACG Collection

    Best Nike ACG Collection

    The best of the Nike ACG Collection

    The Nike ACG collection has a history that seems free of nerves. In fact, it’s easy to imagine the design process as a liberating one. ACG roots stem back to the early 1980s, but the more concrete concept only comes to life in 1989.

    At this point, sneaker design is hungry for something new. Of course, Nike dominates the market, but the appetite of the sneakerhead grows more demanding.

    In this way, the ACG collection feels a particular void. Models such as the Air Moc and Lavadome seem less fussy about the look. In fact, there is much more focus on the actual build of each release from this collection.

    nike acg balaclava

    Past to Present

    Upon initial release, the Nike ACG collection is a wonder to behold. There is a very tangible creativity behind each shoe. Furthermore, even the smallest details take inspiration from surroundings. This way, it lives up to its pragmatic name: All Conditions Gear.

    An underrated aspect of the ACG line is its excellence across decades. Frankly, this seems like a project that releases as experimental. But, it finds its way to longevity within the larger sneaker community, commanding attention and feverish searches from all over the world.

    The tradition of excellent design behind all of this continues with their latest releases. But, to understand its present, it helps to look back in the ACG past. Now, we take a look at eight of the most notable and influential models in the history of the ACG collection.

    Top Nike ACG Models of All Time:

    The Nike Air Moc is a shoe you have very likely seen a whole lot. But, you might not have noticed it. That is the basic design theme of this shoe.

    Along with being easy to slip on, thanks to a lace-less upper, the Air Moc is also streamlined so as to hardly be detected. As one of the first popular camping sneakers, think of these as Roshe before the Roshe.

    NikeLab Air Moc “Fleece”

    (Image Credits: Sneaker Freaker)

    The ACG Komyuter is the most modern form of the collection’s vision. The Nike ACG 2017 Collection shows the theme of practicality isn’t lost here. On the contrary, it’s emphasized even further, but subtly.

    The upper is in a simple slip-on build, but also boasts durable properties in its base material. Another laceless design, the only thing keeping your foot in is an adjustable strap. Simplicity is beautiful.

    NikeLab ACG Komyuter

    (Image Credit: Titolo)

    This unique build takes inspiration from the basketball courts. It also sees roots in outdoor exploration. The Nike ACG Lunardome takes on the build of the Hyperposite, but with noticeable changes.

    Rather than the rigid Posite material, the upper takes on more Lunarlon, making this a candidate for lightest boot ever.

    Nike Air Lunardome 1 Sneakerboot

    (Image Credit: Nice Kicks)

    NikeLab’s decision to bring back the Pocket Knife is an astute one. On release day, this ACG model took many by surprise.

    It offers flexibility and lightweight cushion but is a durable sneaker as well. Moreover, the webbing support system is ahead of its time.

    NikeLab Pocket Knife DM

    (Image Credit: Nike)

    You can disagree with almost any part of this list, but the Air Mowabb is one all ACG fans can ride along with. The legendary model withstands the test of time, thanks in part to considerate design. In fact, even the shoe’s name comes from the terrain of Moab, Utah.

    Nike Air Mowabb

    (Image Credits: Kicks on Fire)

    Nike’s Lunar tech plays a big role in both its past and future. Another example of its impressive execution is this formidable Incognito model. This is also yet another model that takes on the basketball motif. Along the Lunarlon cushioning, we see Flywire cables and a mid-cut build.

    Nike ACG Lunar Incognito

    (Image Credit: EU Kicks)

    The ACG Air Zoom Tallac makes it onto this list for it all business theme. This bulky mountain-ready sneaker has it all. A mostly textile upper covers itself in layers of protection and inner support features.

    Additionally, a robust Air Zoom bag cushions every step towards the peak. If you can believe it, the model in the picture is the “Lite” version.

    Nike ACG Air Zoom Tallac Lite

    (Image Credit: EU Kicks)

    NikeLab ACG Lupinek Flyknit Low

    Another model we simply couldn’t pass by. The latest from the Nike ACG Collection, the Lupinek combines decades of research and modern stylings. A Flyknit upper adds flair and texture without taking away utility.

    Most of the upper is even put together using the brand’s special compression process. Science and engineering can be stylish too.

    Image Credit: EU Kicks and Plinth