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Top 20 Best Nike Air Max 1

    Nike Air Max1 Atmos Animal Pack

    A journey with one of the best Nike shoes of all time, this is Top 20 best Nike Air Max 1 colorways. We gathered the greatest AM1 collabs and also the original Air Max colorways (including the classic Air Max 1 OG), to present you a unique selection.

    Available since 1987, the Nike Air Max 1 is one of the most recognizable sneakers there is. Just like the Air Max 95 or the AM90, the Nike AM1 has a status of its own.

    And, after three decades of a constant flow of new releases and updated versions, there are (really) some that are truly important. Explore with us the best Nike Air Max 1 colorways.

    Nike Air Max 1 Best Colorways


    Patta x Parra x Nike Air Max 1 (2010)

    patta x parra nike air max 1

    Why not start with one of the most coveted and one of the best Air Max 1 pairs of all time? Both Dutch streetwear imprints have collaborated to create what many consider the best AM1 of all time.

    Only 200 pairs of these Patta x Parra collaboration were released, displaying a burgundy upper with details in baby-blue as well as a colored outsole and insole.

    (Image Credit: Shoeboxx)

    atmos x Nike Air Max 1 “Elephant” (2007)

    Let’s virtually travel from Europe to Japan, where these Nike Air Max 1 were released and designed side-by-side with atmos. This is one of the best Nike Air Max 1 ever.

    Dubbed the “Elephant” due to the print which was originally seen on the Air Jordan III. Also featured is the “Jade” swoosh, tongue details and white midsole make sure you stand out from the crowd anywhere you go.

    We should add that the year of 2017 was marked with a close-to-perfection re-edition of this same version.

    (Image Credit: npwls_)

    HUF x Nike Air Max 1 (2004)

    Mr. Keith Hufnagel from HUF has worked many times with Nike. Opening HUF’s doors in 2002, this pair from 2004 was his first take. And quite a take.

    However, this is a Family & Friends edition that displays small differences when comparing to the Quick Strike (QS) release. Only 24 pairs were given out.

    (Image Credit: sling@flikr)

    Nike Air Max 1 QS “Turf Pack – Milano” (2013)

    Celebrating three of the greatest European cities – London, Milan, and Paris – Nike has decided that this pack of twelve sneakers had to be spread over four per city. Out of all of them, this Air Max 1 stands out the most. It is for sure one of the best looking Nike Air Max 1.

    Its tonal upper is drawn in hues of light brown with contrasting accents in pink around the outsole and sock liner. Sure, its shape may not be the best, but it sure is a beautiful pair. This is surely one of the best Nike Air Max 1 colorways.

    (Image Credit: SweetSoles)

    Nike Air Max 1 “Kid Robot” (2005)

    Designed by Paul Budnitz and Chad Philips, this pair of Air Max 1 was released exclusively at Barneys New York and was done in collaboration with retailer and toy producer Kid Robot, resembling the exterior of the 1986 Maserati Quattroporte III Royalle.

    Each pair was delivered in a special box, together with a mini Kidrobot keychain. One of the best Nike Air Max there is, you may find them floating around for 1000+.

    (Image Credit: liamparson4)

    Eminem x Nike Air Max 1 “Big Proof” (2006)

    Paying homage to Eminem’s best friend and D12 member Proof that was shot in 2006, the rapper joined forces with Nike to raise money for a great cause: Eminem’s Marshall Mathers Foundation.

    Eight different pairs were released and limited to also eight pairs each. All were auctioned off via eBay and several Nike locations around the world.

    After all, it is almost impossible to find an on-feet picture, hence, this pair is amongst one of the most collectible AM1s in history.

    (Image Credit: The Hundreds)

    Atmos x Nike Air Max 1 “Supreme Animal Pack” (2006)

    From the very first moment they were available, this pair has been among the most coveted ones for sneaker enthusiasts and Air Max collectors. Its iconic design that features different animal prints across the upper makes this shoe quite a masterpiece to look at.

    Apart from the fact that Kanye West was spotted wearing them (ah! did you know that?), the Animals keep growing in popularity all over the globe.

    (Image Credit: Runner Wally)

    Ben Drury x Nike Air Max 1 “Hold Tight” (2006)

    Ben Drury is a legendary UK-based artist linked to the music industry, hence, the pirate-radio scene in the UK inspires these Nike Air Max 1. The upper displays a 3M / reflective mudguard altogether with premium leather. Details are seen on the heel, where pulsar stitching can be seen.

    (Image Credit: ymor80)

    Nike Air Max 1 “Hufquake” (2007)

    Designed by the one and only Benny Gold, no pictures do them justice. They are awesome but even better in hand. The Hufquake displays a bright-colored swoosh that is stitched to a black upper, making them pop like no other.

    For last but not least, it sits on top of a black midsole and gum outsole.

    (Image Credits: SneakerAddict)


    Patta x Nike Air Max 1 “Albert Heijn” (2005)

    It is said that only 24 pairs were made. Out of every single pair in the world, this is the one that most probably creates the most rumors.

    Long story short – Nike decided not to go forward with production, hence, only very few people in the world can claim that they own such pair. Plus, if you own a legit pair – keep it, as you most probably won’t find another pair floating around the web.

    (Image Credit: The Hundreds)

    Atmos x Nike Air Max 1 “Viotech” (2003)

    Straight out of Japan, these Viotechs are rather treasurable. No other word for it, in all honesty. They may as well be our favorite Air Max 1 of all time. Its shape, colorway and everything else that is linked to these AM1s is just out of this world.

    (Image Credit: SneakerAddict)

    Nike Air Max 1 “Urawa Dragons” (2004)

    The Urawa was a Japan-only release, back in 2004. Paying tribute to the Urawa Dragons J League Football Club, the pair was created using the team’s kit as the primary color for the upper.

    They are distinctive not only due to their colorway but also due to its heel-embroidered dragon.

    (Image Credit: simply_0711)

    Nike Air Max 1 “Storm” (2002)

    Sure, they are not a collaborative project nor they were hyped back then, but for most AM1 enthusiasts, this is a must-have pair. Unofficially part of the “Storm Pack” that was released in 2002 together with the Air Burst “Storm”.

    Limited pairs were given to selected retailers in the USA, Asia, and Europe only. It is almost impossible to find a DS pair, but even if you found one, it is almost certain that you will not be able to wear it, unfortunately.

    (Image Credit: SweetSoles)

    Clot x Nike Air Max 1 “Kiss of Death” (2013)

    After 2007, with rare exceptions, Nike’s take on the Air Max 1 was not that great. We all know why, sadly. However, these “Kiss of Death” are one of the exceptions.

    Hyperfuse was first introduced in 2010 in basketball, and now, implemented in classic retro-running silhouettes.


    (Image Credit: airmaxchicago)


    Nike Air Max 1 OG (1987)

    As mentioned above, the original release of the Nike Air Max 1 was in 1987. After all, we truly believe that the OG pair deserves to be on any top-chart. And there is it. In addition, you can find “OG” pairs from 2017 floating around. Well, at least you will be able to wear those.

    (Image Credits: SneakersAddict)

    Patta x Nike Air Max 1 “Lucky Green” (2009)

    One of our favorites AM1s to come out from Amsterdam is without a doubt the Lucky Greens. The silhouette displays a black canvas and mesh upper with green details.

    Plus, its contrasting white midsole looks amazing altogether with a gum outsole.

    (Image Credit: SweetSoles)

    Nike Air Max 1 BRS Powerwall (2005)

    Blue Ribbon Sports AKA BRS – the name says it all. They are extremely limited which can only mean one thing: if you find a pair, you will have to pay an arm and a leg for it. No words to describe this pair, in a good way of course.

    (Image Credit: SneakersAddict)

    Atmos x Nike Air Max 1 “Tiger Camo” (2013)

    Atmos’ long lasting relationship with Nike comes as no surprise. After all, they have released quite a few memorable colorways of the silhouette. This “Tiger Camo” luxe iteration is no different.

    Although some may say that its shape is off, and especially if you are an AM1 enthusiast, this pair, in particular, should be part of your collection or rotation.

    (Image Credit: picssr)

    atmos x Nike Air Max 1 “Safari” (2003)

    We are almost done with our best 20 pairs of Nike Air Max 1, nevertheless, and as expected, we still go as hard as we can. We just can’t get enough of all atmos collaborations, can you?

    A retro pair was released, however, not with Atmos. Let’s be honest, they do not come even close to the originally released pair.

    (Image Credit: Sneakers-actus)

    Nike Air Max 1 “Grunge” (2003)

    We are going to finish with a pair that you were not expecting. Nevertheless, and as expected, we still go as hard as we can.

    Released in 2003, these “Grunge” AM1s look worn and beat, but that’s exactly the point if you know what we mean. They look really good on feet – fact!

    (Image Credit: So Fresh So Clean)

    Nike Air Max 1 Master Black


    Surprise, surprise! Sure, we have said that this list includes the 20 best pairs of the Nike Air Max 1, but we truly believe that the AM1 Master deserves to be here, being our #21 pair.

    The Master incorporates bits-and-pieces of already-released pairs. There was a Family & Friends pair, in white, nevertheless, the black pair stands out as well on its own.

    Air Max 1 History and Background:

    When you think of a retro running sneaker or silhouette, the first one that possibly comes to mind it the Nike Air Max 1. They were released in many (if not thousands) colorways.

    They were built using countless types of materials and technology (per say, the Air Max 1 Flyknit). Elaborating a list of the best Air Max 1 colorways is (almost) like an impossible task.

    By now, it is pretty obvious why the Nike Air Max 1 is still imperative and critical when we mention sneaker history as a whole.


    Sure, the AM1 has always been rather favored and meaningful all across Europe. In fact, it has enjoyed that status all over the world. Historically speaking, it also plays a big role.

    What we mean is that it was the first shoe to display a visible air unit. You may think that is all about old news but think back in the mid to late 80s.

    Originally released (as part of the Air Pack that included models such as the Air Trainer 1, Air Revolution and Air Safari) on the 26th of March 1987, the Air Max 1 is still the one among the favorites of today.

    We still look at them and consider them pivotal and innovative, even if 30 years have passed. Not only due to their timeless look, but they are also super comfortable when on feet. By then, those were the Nike Air Max 1 original colorways.

    tinker hatfield and the nike air max 1 og

    Tinker Hatfield and the Nike Air Max 1 OG

    Image Credit: Complex

    Designed by the one and only Tinker Hatfield, Nike was on the run to become a 1 Billion-Dollar company during the 80s. Nevertheless, the so-called “Air Technology” was already featured in other previous models such as the Air Tailwind in 1978.

    Frank Rudy, a former NASA engineer, developed that exact same technology years before. The Air came to replace what we know of today as EVA soles, in certain and specific pairs.

    Even if disturbing to the eye back then, it was the most successful bet that came out from Nike’s design lab, in all honesty. Its launch truly caused a revolution in the sneaker world.

    On that note, have a look right below of the best 20 colorways and collaborations of the Air Max 1 that have released throughout the years and while on that, have a look as well at Nike’s Air Commercial ad below.

    What about you? What is your favorite? In your opinion what are the best Nike Air Max 1 colorways? Share your thoughts in the comment box below. Meanwhile, and while you’re at it check out the list of the best Nike Flyknit Trainer Colorways available now.





    (Featured Image Credit: Runner Wally)