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Billionaire Boys Club x London Undercover Umbrella

    billionaire boys club x london undercover umbrella

    Ready for fall: Billionaire Boys Club x London Undercover Umbrella

    Billionaire Boys Club joins London Undercover for the release of a distinct B Boys umbrella. For the Fall/ Winter season, we see many brands release special lines. From clothing to footwear, it feels like every day marks a release.

    But, what about the more subtle necessities? That’s where Billionaire Boys Club comes in.

    Of course, the rainy months are going to require an umbrella. With this in mind, this latest collaborative effort helps you stay dry while staying stylish.

    The Billionaire Boys Club x London Undercover umbrella is two-fold. The outer bit is in a simple dark tone, a sample of London Undercover’s aesthetic.

    In contrast, this B Boys umbrella sports a bright starlight interior, giving off the vibe we associate with the American/ Japanese brand.

    The rest of this project is fairly simple. We see a steel frame, malacca wood handle, and other handmade details.

    You can now find this collaborative project available here.

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