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Canada Goose Gilet is the Perfect Lightweight Piece

    Canada Goose Gilet gets a Garson Quilted Shell Down version

    You start with a niche, something you dominate with craftsmanship and functional design. Before you know it, you’re releasing products such as this Canada Goose Gilet with the backing of cultural hype.

    From there, you build the name up and continue to evolve. As a brand, Canada Goose goes through a somewhat normal timeline when it comes to mainstream success.

    Though Canada Goose isn’t quite for the budget-minded, the lack of an efficient down-filling system would have resulted in much higher retail prices. Effectively, those hypothetical prices make this seem like a cheap Canada Goose Gilet by comparison.

    Canada Goose Garson Quilted Shell down Gilet

    Speaking of which, this model is the definition of dynamic styling. It lacks the heft and protective capacity of, say, a Canada Goose Parka. But, this Gilet still bears the quality we associate with the brand.

    This shell-down model comes with an 80% down and 20% feather combination, providing you with ample warmth. At the same time, it’s an excellent choice for a more casual stroll through town – just in case you aren’t planning on trekking through the Yukon.

    Pieces such as this are important for Canada Goose because it helps us diversify if we don’t need their full cold-fighting capacity. With this Gilet, you’re good to go even if the weather is just the slightest bit frigid.

    Canada Goose Historic Background:

    Back in the 1950s, Canada Goose isn’t even the name the brand is rocking with. Its earliest rendition is under the monicker “Metro Sportswear.” This brand is the project of an entrepreneur by the of Sam Tick.

    The original base of operations is in a tiny warehouse out in Toronto. As such, the main ethos of Metro Sportswear is to design and manufacture weather-proof clothing and gear for the Canadian winters.

    Here’s the thing, there are few examples of cold quite as harsh the freezing temperatures of the Canadian territories. This includes locations as legendary as the Yukon, where temperatures had once gotten as low as -63℃ (-81.4℉).

    Soon after its founding, the company begins to make their winter products almost exclusively for use by Canadian law enforcement. It isn’t until the 1970s that things start to take a productive shift.

    In 1972, Tick’s brother in law joins the company. To add on, he brings to Metro Sportswear an innovative new down-filling machine. The efficiency of this technology leads them to new heights, eventually renaming the brand “Snow Goose.”

    Fortunately, the rest is some marvelous and productive history. Believe it or not, the invention of this machine is important for the price tags as well.

    This vest style is popular in just about any part of the world that is even remotely cold. Thanks to this design, fans can walk around with some Canada Goose gear – showing off that logo – and not have to carry around mountain climbing equipment.

    Available now, you can find this Canada Goose Garson Quilted Shell Down Gilet at select retailers. It’s also worth being on the lookout for a Canada Goose sale as the store often surprises customers with flash bargains!


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