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CASBIA Joins Champion for a Brand New Silhouette

    CASBIA x Champion AWOL Atlanta

    CASBIA x Champion AWOL Atlanta: an amazing footwear piece

    CASBIA has joined forces with sportswear giant Champion for a stunning brand new silhouette dubbed as AWOL Atlanta. The Casbia x Champion AWOL Atlanta is a new model that is simply hard to ignore.

    Italian premium footwear brand CASBIA has been consistently delivering innovative silhouettes for a while now. The label effortlessly blends tradition with modern technology for a truly unique look.

    The AWOL Atlanta will be available in four colorways, grey, white, blue and black. Featuring a synthetic leather upper with asymmetrical zippers and laces, complemented by the grand Champion branding on the bottom of each sole.

    Additional details include embossed branding on the side panels.

    CASBIA x Champion AWOL Atlanta

    Why the world needs Casbia:

    Casbia, an Italian footwear brand, defines itself as a nonconformist all independent label. The brand shares that it is representing «the intersection of tradition and modern technology, sculpting contemporary yet classic shoes, engaging in the dialog of sneaker culture and men’s footwear tradition.»

    Owned and designed by Manuele Bianchi, the footwear label is far from being a “regular” brand. Most of its designs reflect the owner’s aesthetic and also his lifestyle.

    Featuring a graphic, architectural and practical approach, fusing Italian heritage with clean-cut modern simplicity. Fortunately for us, the Italian label is in fact beyond any “regular” aesthetic convention.

    The AWOL Atlanta is very much like a breath of fresh air regarding all sports footwear. The CASBIA x Champion Awol Atlanta is currently available at the brand’s online shop and also at select retailers like END. Clothing and Allike Store.