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The Cav Empt Multi Pocket Jacket is a Daily Wear

    Cav Empt Multi Pocket Jacket

    A Solid Piece: Cav Empt Multi Pocket Jacket

    Future meets streetwear fashion in the Cav Empt Multi Pocket Jacket. As with many pieces in this category, we see a 100% cotton build. This sort of design pushes forward the idea of a standard look.

    Additionally, other design details such as interior mesh pockets and rubber logo patches make this piece even more wearable. Of course, this jacket falls well into the premium category. But, it’s a durable piece that you can add to your regular rotation.

    Another evident aspect here is subtlety. Buttons are hidden with a storm flap, covering another opportunity to display the brand name.

    This sort of detail is in contrast with most pieces of Japanese streetwear. Rather than focusing on being bold and loud, the wearer is a priority.

    And that is one of the more remarkable things about Cav Empt as a brand. The garments are of elite quality and design, but this doesn’t take away from wearability.

    Also, it does quite a bit to combat the intimidation of most high-end futuristic designs.

    The Future, rewritten with CAV EMPT

    The futurist look is really popular among streetwear brands. You can find examples of every kind, from upstarts to elite names such as Yohji Yamamoto. One of the names that deserve more of our attention is Cav Empt.

    The graphic artwork of Sk8thing comes together with quality garment cuts to give us the unique CE look. Available now, you can find your own Cav Empt Multi-Pocket Jacket over at Slam Jam Socialism. If you’re a CAV EMPT fan make sure to check out the sale at Farfectch and also at END. Clothing.