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Cayler and Sons Pacasso Hoodie Available Now

    Cayler and Sons Pacasso Hoodie

    Pop culture in the making by Caylor & Sons

    Cayler and Sons are back at it once again. A kind of Caylor and Sons wiki tells us that the brand is known for its depictions of pop and urban culture. The brand is still out here doing what they do best.

    This time, they attempt to blur the line between hip-hop and classical art. The result is this Cayler and Sons Pacasso hoodie.

    Bringing together two icons from their respective spheres, this piece exemplifies art appreciation. The front of this hoodie sports a graphic of the late Tupac Shakur and it also features a “Pray for Pac” script.

    Picasso and Tupac, both names represent the pinnacle of their respective crafts. Each one with their own greatness.

    They were also both unfortunately misunderstood by others. Cayler and Sons manage to bring that out beautifully with this Pray for Pac hoodie.

    You can find this new Caylor and Sons hoodie and more from the brand, over at Fuel.