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adidas’s Chinese New Year Ultra Boost Series

    adidas ultra boost chinese new year

    The Chinese New Year Ultra Boost Through the Years

    adidas’s Chinese New Year Ultra Boost line-up has been all about celebrating a version of this shoe that is often difficult to find. Once an Ultra Boost CNY drops, there’s a pretty small window to cop before you’re off to the resell market.

    Now, it’s worth noting that the going rates for aftermarket CNY Ultra Boosts aren’t quite as extravagant as those of some other Three Stripes staples. And yet, it’s still a pretty great feeling to go out and cop these when they first drop.

    In anticipation of plenty to come from this particular styling, we take a look at the adidas Chinese New Year Ultra Boost through the years. As it turns out, each release – though largely similar – has a slight vibe all its own.

    Ultra Boost 1.0 Chinese New Year

    This is the edition that starts it all. The Chinese New year color scheme adorns this model beautifully. In the process, we see a unique articulation of the Red/ Navy/ White look. When this edition first releases, the Ultra Boost is still building its reputation within the sneaker community.

    It’s a staple for fans of the Three Stripes Brand who also happen to be avid runners. For years, before we develop a visual fixation on the concept of Boost, those who frequently run for sports fall in love with this cushion.

    As a result, the Ultra Boost begins to simmer in the bright lights of sneaker fandom everywhere. This first edition of the adidas Ultra Boost Chinese New Year drops nearly a year to the date of the OG release, which adds a special something to it.

    Ultra Boost 3.0 Chinese New Year

    It’s fair to wonder if the Ultra Boost ever actually changes throughout its different iterations. Well, it may be subtle, but the 2.0 does come with some design shifts.

    First, it’s certainly worth noting that the fit and overall structure of the shoe are nearly identical to the 1.0. The real difference is in a smaller – but no less significant – detail. The insole on the 2.0 is removable, breaking away from the less customizable set up of the OG.

    We also see some variation of the adidas Chinese New Year Ultra Boost scheme on this edition. The Primeknit uppers are where we notice the most change from release to release. This CNY drop takes advantage of the 2.0’s unique patterning on the toe area.

    The horizontal lines on this section of the shoe remind us a bit of the adidas Predator series and its unique functionality. You’re unlikely to launch strikes on a football in these but it certainly has some visual appeal.

    Ultra Boost 4.0 Chinese New Year

    The most recent version of the Chinese New Year Ultra Boost variant comes to us via the 4.0. Admittedly, the first two Ultra Boost CNY drops are notably similar. This is indicative of the brand’s initial restraint when it comes to color schemes that are this expressive.

    Luckily, the 4.0 edition releases just as the Ultra Boost cements its place in the pantheon of cop-worthy models. This iteration strays from its previous looks thanks to its outsole. Here, we see an expressive shade of Red.

    Celebrating the Year of the Dog, this edition also takes advantage of a thicker Primeknit upper than past drops. The result is a subtle execution of the Red base color scheme, held down by darker tones throughout. Extra highlights include the option of throwing on some camo laces as well.

    Ultra Boost Uncaged Chinese New Year

    There is no way to complete this list without the inclusion of the Uncaged Chinese New Year Ultra Boost. Without a doubt, this is one of the more underrated versions of the CNY collection. It’s a direct contrast to the other colorways we see from this series.

    Eschewing the more somber undertones, the cage-less iteration goes with a crisp White base with the notes of Core Red and Core Black peppering all over. It’s reminiscent of the Triple White Ultra Boost that officially puts this shoe on the wider cultural map – thanks to Kanye West himself, of course. If you’re looking to rock a Chinese New Year Ultra Boost without the extra caging, this is certainly the one for you.

    Reselling Rates

    The aftermarket rates on this particular series of colorways vary a bit. The most extravagant fee you’ll come across is via the original 1.0 release. It fetches prices as high as $720. Other than that, the other iterations won’t be breaking your bank very much. Still, it may be worth waiting to see what Chinese New Year Ultra Boost looks adidas has in store for us!