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Common Projects Slip-On Camo Sole

    Common Projects Slip-On Camo Sole

    Reviewing the Common Projects Slip-On Camo Sole

    The Common Projects Slip-On Camo is specific to its brand. Common Projects is a name that represents the epitome of subtle design. Frankly, it is no surprise if you’re yet to see a pair up close on anyone’s feet. Most of this brand’s releases key in on a very low-key sense of high quality. This rendition of the Slip-On model is a noteworthy example of that.

    The Build

    The upper incorporates a distinctive leather build. This is a crucial part of why Common projects models are held in such high regard. Most of the models you see are going to have a traditional construction, laces and all. This Slip-On, on the other hand, clears up the upper of any extra noise. As a result, we get to see this leather upper on the Common Projects Slip-on Camo Sole quite well.

    Common Projects Slip-On Camo Sole

    Speaking of which, let’s move on to that can’t-miss sole. Again, Common Projects isn’t a name that associates with bold stylings. Wild aesthetics are sort of an afterthought for special releases. However, we see that their clearly capable in this regard. The sole on this model elegantly takes on the multicolour speckle graphic. Sitting on Gum bottoms, this detail manages to stand out without taking away from the shoe as a whole.

    Avoiding the Boring Tennis Shoe

    This is what the Common Projects Slip-On Camo Sole excels at. In fact, much of the brand’s catalogue looks to liven up your rotation of tennis shoes. Sure your Stan Smiths and Chuck Taylors work just fine. But, this timeless design leaves itself open to some imagination.

    What the Common Projects label does is add some intrigue via a very premium build – this model is made in Italy. In addition to that, the combination of muted tones, a Gum bottom, and expressive colors shows a knack for visual balance.

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