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All about sneakers with the Sneakerqueen


    Sneakerqueen talks everything sneakers

    A passion that needed to be shared, that could be a fair way to translate the life of Julia Schoierer, aka Sneakerqueen. Years after starting to collect, in 2007, Ms. Schoierer decided to establish her blog at, and the rest is just history.

    She was one of the five aficionados selected to participate in the adidas Originals’ Collectors Project. It was a worldwide campaign that invited the people that really matter (the fans) to take a part in the creation process.

    The Sneakerqueen brought in her very own interpretation of the Rivalry Hi). The passion, the ways of the business and the most important pieces of her collection are some of the clues of a conversation about sneakers. Read below.

    Sneakerqueen collection

    So, tell us, when did it all begin?

    I never had a plan to become a collector. I always liked sneakers, even as a teen, when most girls started wearing high heels, I rather rocked some high-tops. My cupboards and wardrobes became fuller over the years until people started calling me the Sneakerqueen.

    I began writing my blog in 2007, to share my passion, thoughts and experiences with others. Since then it’s been a wonderful ride.

    Can you somehow translate the most important feelings and emotions that get into action when you’re around a new pair, or around your collection?

    It’s the feeling of a kid in a candy store. An itch, a craving that even if not hungry is always there.

    Please share with us a real special story related to one of the pairs of your collection.

    One of the first pairs I got really hyped up about was the Nike Air Jordan IV cement, retroed in 1999. I visited Foot Locker on a weekly basis for over a month to keep it on hold, before I finally had the money to buy it.

    My mom wasn’t too happy when she saw, that I had just spent 250DM on a white pair of sneakers. She thought it’s ridiculous to spend that much money on shoes, that she’d expect me to shred within a few weeks. I still wear them today, though…

    As for all things in life the magic and the enthusiasm about something tends to fade – could that somehow happen to you and the sneaker world?

    I am sure collecting sneakers is not going to be a trend forever, but my passion for sneaker existed long before it was cool to collect.

    Since I am not only involved and interested in sneakers as a consumer, I don’t see my enthusiasm fading anytime soon. Although I am a freelance photographer, the sneaker culture has become such a big part of my life, professionally too, that I can’t see myself stopping yet.

    Plus I don’t care too much for the ‘re-interpretations’ of a classic when it’s too far away from the original, so it is seldom that I get on that hype hamster wheel. My collecting is more a ‘slowly but steadily up the hill’.

    New brands and the adidas Collectors Project

    We all know about the big brands; still, can you tell us about a new brand that got your attention recently?

    I like the idea behind vegan and fair trade brands. I haven’t been eating meat for almost 25 years and I think the vegetarian and vegan trend deserves every encouragement support possible.

    The classic q: how many sneakers do you currently have?

    That’s a tough one to answer. Honestly, I don’t know the exact number of shoes I own altogether since I have a lot on storages. The last time I counted was over 5 years ago.

    Back then it was something between 600 and 700 pairs.

    Just how important was it for you to participate in the adidas Collectors Project?

    I was pretty surprised when I first got asked to take part in this worldwide campaign. After all, most collaborations are done with athletes, artists and celebrities.

    adidas couldn’t have chosen a better form of appreciation, than letting me, as a collector, put my ideas on one of my favourite models. I also felt much honoured to be in such great company with the other collectors for this project.

    Taking this trip to Herzogenaurach with four other like-minded really was an extraordinary experience. We all share the same passion, but approach it from such different angles. It was exciting, getting to know a little about the other’s background and dedication.

    Sneakerqueen logo

    What are your thoughts on the sneaker industry these days?

    As collecting and the whole hype around sneaker has become such a trend in the past fifteen years, brands are more interested to get involved with the urban sub-cultures than before. This opened up a whole new field for creative people like me.

    I have worked with most of my favourite brands as a freelance photographer, but also got in involved with them through all types of other projects and disciplines like exhibitions, conventions, marketing strategies, presentations etc…

    The same goes for shops here in Berlin. I have worked for or with most local sneaker stores, so I am quite active in the cultivation of this phenomenon. Dedicating so much money and time to sneaker culture for almost twenty years, I never thought I would one day earn money with this passion.

    Finally, please share with us about a top 3 of your collection…

    That’s like asking a DJ for his favourite record! Here are some of my favourites:

    Nike Air Jordan I- VI, Original Nike Air Force STS, Adidas Rivalry, Nike Duellist, Puma Clyde, Adidas Rebound, Puma Sampson Suede low, Nike Air Pressure, Adidas Status 1 Hi, Nike McEnroes, Adidas Kareem Abdul Jabbar, the Adidas RUN DMC and EWING Collection, adidas Jupiter, Puma Duplex Rise, Adidas Tech (Softcell II from 1990), adidas Q’s (Quatum, Quorum, Quirina, Quesa, Quesence…)

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