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Converse One Star OX White gets some stylish tricolor detailing

    converse one star ox white

    Converse One Star OX Leather with Thom Browne vibes

    In what is one of its latest versions, this Converse One Star OX Leather White gets totally trendy. This new OX version features a super clean premium leather upper. The shoe is also embellished with its one-star branding at the sides.

    They are finished off with a tonal rubber sole. Details are seen also on the side with its tricolor stripe, exuding some stylish Thom Browne vibes.

    The Converse One Star is most probably one of the hottest sneakers out there, at least in recent times. We can always mention all the Off-White collaborations or even the re-release of the Nike Air Max 98, but none of them can withstand the power and history of the One Star.

    The Converse One Star OX White is available to buy now at END.’s website.

    converse one star ox white enamel red

    The return of the Converse One Star

    Last year marked the return of the One Star and the brand could not have chosen any other time to re-launch them. The timing was nothing but impeccable.

    Keeping its DNA intact, these iterations are still delivered with vulcanized rubber sole, making sure the 70s vibes and aesthetics are still present in this new era of footwear.

    When Converse announced that they would be collaborating with Tyler, The Creator, it all escalated to another dimension, in a good way of course.

    The silhouette has been associated with basketball, at its early stages, and during the 90s with skateboarding. For now, it is seen on most IG influencers’ feet. An icon has become, again, an icon.


    converse one star ox leather white

    About the Converse One Star:

    Believe it or not, back then, the Converse One Star was a pretty rare find. In 1974, Converse left the stripes behind, added a star to the side vamp and made available their low-cut sneakers, however, with an updated look.

    After being on shelved and for purchase during one year, they have removed straight after. No one would expect a comeback.

    Even during the 70s, just like today, brands knew how to create hype. Sure, it all was on a much smaller scale, but it fits the purpose.

    Before you could head over to eBay and all other known websites, right before you could participate in store raffles and before the sneaker-game is what we know today. Nevertheless, the One Star is still considered to be a highly coveted silhouette.

    Leaving yet another mark among sneakerheads, this hype started back in the early 90s. In 1993, the One Star was back at every shop across the globe.

    As mentioned above, its release was received with open arms due to the fact that the grunge-scene and skate-scene were booming. Even Kurt Cobain was seen wearing them.

    Nowadays, it doesn’t matter if you like punk rock or if you are part of any other tribe, it does not matter if you wear distressed jeans or just track pants, you need at least a pair of One Star in your rotation.

    If you are a fan of Converse, make sure to check out the complete history of the Converse Chuck Taylor right here.

    converse one star ox leather white