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CREPE CITY Magazine Issue 03, Different yet Unchanged

    crepe city issue 03

    Issue 03 of CREPE CITY magazine is going through some changes. For example, it’s taking on a larger format. We also see a new partnership with typographers Colophon Foundry. These subtle changes add up to amplify the magazine as a whole. Nonetheless, the content remains the same.

    The magazine sticks to its quality build. Premium paper and smooth finish keep the mag looking worthy of a pick-up. This issue includes several in-depth stories. From Walt “Clyde” Frazier to Jon Tang, there’s variety here.

    Issue 03 of CREPE CITY magazine has been available since October 24th. You can find it at most sneaker stores as well as newsstands. For more info, check out CREPE CITY’s site.

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    crepe city issue 03crepe city issue 03crepe city issue 03crepe city issue 03