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Why You Need a Dehen Varsity Jacket

    dehen varsity jacket

    Dehen 1920 is a real American brand

    The Dehen Varsity Jacket is literally a piece of American clothing history. Just for starters, it is worth remembering that the first ever varsity jacket created by the brand was designed by William Dehen way back in 1951.

    A Dehen varsity jacket has a background and history of more than six decades attached to it. With its unique colors and sole design, this is a jacket every man should wear during his lifetime.

    Dehen’s History and Background:

    Formerly known as the ‘Dehen Knitting Company’, the label currently produces both classic and traditionally inspired USA heavyweight apparel. Their story began in Portland, Oregon, a family business that steadily evolved to become a unique brand, with a distinct ethos.

    Dehen’s connection with the college world and its students began in the 1920’s. The brand started knitting varsity and collegiate sweaters for student-athletes. Ten years later the company connected with another strong subculture and community when they started supplying local motorcycle clubs with riding sweaters.

    Later on, in the 1950s, the Varsity Jacket became a part of their catalog. Each and every jacket was made by hand following the specifications of each individual lucky enough to letter in his or her sport.

    Varsity Jackets: apparel made unique

    dehen black varsity jacket

    Dehen Black Varsity Jacket

    The truth is that there is no way around certain clothing pieces, and for many, the varsity jacket is just one of those. Part of most young men wardrobes for more than a century, the varsity jacket (also and formerly known as letterman jacket) is just necessary.

    With the growth and expansion of American born culture through the world, varsity jackets became a worldwide thing. Nowadays, even Japanese brands like mastermind World create their own varsity jackets.

    Every Dehen 1920 jacket is, to this day, crafted by hand. Using only the best materials including Pendleton 24 ounce melton wool body and American bison leather sleeves.

    When checking out such a powerful core and brand philosophy, we might end up asking: what is the meaning of ‘popular’? Are present-day brands really capable of achieving such ‘realness’, not just in terms of quality materials, but also in terms of their essence?

    Dehen Varsity Jackets: Part of American clothing history

    dehen 1920 varsity jacket navy black

    Varsity jackets are one of the most important pieces of American clothing history. After all, college, or letterman jackets, have a history of more than one hundred years.

    One century of tradition and of creating a strong bond with numerous generations of Americans. As for the history of the piece itself: the varsity jacket first appeared back in the 19th century.

    Back then, it was not even a jacket, and the “Letterman” designation only came later, when the baseball guys decided to start sewing letters onto them, hence the ‘letterman jacket’. Also, and throughout the years, several variables of the name appeared.

    The Dehen Varsity Jacket, “Teddy Jacket” or simply the “Baseball Jacket” are just two of the most well-known. The variations mentioned above were mostly due to minor differences.

    Whether regarding some detailing or even due to the simple fact that different brands select different names. Still, and to this day, Dehen 1920 continues to be one of the most important brands when it comes to varsity jackets.

    Eternal, always with style, you can wear them during the winter, but also during other seasons due to the jacket’s real versatility. Visit Dehen 1920’s official website and also make sure to check out some of the great pieces that appear from time to time over on eBay.