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Diadora x Afew V7000 “Highly Addictive”

    Diadora x Afew V7000

    Afew x Diadora V7000

    In recent years, there is real discussion around the question of collaborations. Specifically, are there too many of them?

    You can definitely make a case for that, as we seem to see a new joint release every other week. But, you could also make the case that more collabs are a good thing.

    Exhibit A might just be the upcoming Diadora x Afew V7000 “Highly Addictive.” As far as collaborations go, Afew is a heavy hitter.

    One of the more remarkable releases in recent memory is the “Koi” Gel-Lyte III. We get the same signature flair here as these V7000s also come in a special package that resembles common medicine blister packs.

    As for the shoe itself, there’s no shortage of quality. Though we don’t see much in the way of images yet, the Diadora x Afew V7000 balances running design and high-grade materials.

    Diadora V7000 done right:

    To start things off, we see an engineered mesh as the sneaker’s base. On top of this is a helping of premium kangaroo leather with slivers of pigskin suede.

    Thematic details apparently include a pill graphic on the heel, along with a specially designed insole. As with all premium Diadora drops, this pair carries the “Made in Italy” distinction.

    Both parties have been a bit tight-lipped about detailed images, but you can expect some more info to come through leading up to the April 22nd release. Head on over to Afew’s website to enter their raffle and learn more about its story.

    As many collab releases as we’ve seen in the last few years, there aren’t enough of these. Afew, along with some other retailers, consistently put out creative pieces.

    Moreover, they make each project their own, even opting for very specific packaging. It isn’t just a shoe you’re buying, Afew and the like want to make sure you’re purchasing artwork.