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Everything about the adidas Sobakov

    adidas sobakov bd7548

    Soccer fans were ecstatic with the drop of adidas Sobakov in 2018, featuring some sensational aesthetics. The soccer-inspired sneaker has been dropping new flavors since then and has created a big noise with its branding of three stripes. The shoe scores a splash of unique elements, and it’s almost impossible not to take notice of it.

    The runners dripped on a weekend post a football championship while paying tribute to the game and being a must-cop for football fanatics and sneaker jaggers. The low-top silhouette gained opposing opinions on release but eventually was considered a dignitary deal for its supreme quality and snappy sole design.

    Rightly said, the adidas Sobakov is a tribute to the psyche of the soccer culture.

    A gist of the adidas Sobakov history:

    The aggressive-looking silhouette cropped up at the right time as a soccer shoe at the peak of the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia. Just when the FIFA fever trickled down, the silhouette gave sneaker fanatics some solid reasons to rave about the sport.

    The adidas Sobakov primitively surfaced in a crisp white/gum and core black/gum colorway. Eventually, the shoe sprang in a multitude of shades with a trace of retooling and cutting-edge styles. The gum sole has been a real game-changer, along with some power cleats. The kicks are casually looking, with a lot of characteristics attached to the soccer tradition.

    adidas Sobakov


    The sole screams for attention:

    The low-riding shoe grabs major attention with its sculpted gum sole. Despite having a touch of contemporary elements, the sneaker falls beautifully in the 70s-inspired footwear realm. Some of the buoyant colorways make the gum sole pop up even more. Sobakov projects a curvy bottom with a fluid surface that contributes massively to the shoe’s aesthetic appeal. Find a herringbone pattern sole wrapping the shoe for a dynamic look.

    Adidas Sobakov construction:

    Let’s get to the silhouette’s upper that features decorative stitches inspired by the awe-inspiring adidas. The shoe also showcases the classic three-stripe mark and smooth leather around the heel cap and tongue. The sneaker is graced with an asymmetrical lacing system, which further elevates the look. Find the sneaker with some incredible and flawless branding, wrapping the upper beautifully.

    The overstates gum sole serves as a contrast to the upper. With a progressive design and modern street aesthetics, the sneaker looks fresh out of the oven and truly innovative. Some additional details include an exaggerated tongue, spirally midsole and sticky outsoles. The latter is legitimately inspired by the 70s footwear, also providing lightweight cushioning underfoot.

    adidas Sobakov

    While grasping some street essence, adidas Sobakov has ensured to incorporate a flexible and soft neoprene. This wraps the sneaker upper splendidly and gives it a sock-like fit.

    The adidas Sobakov is stylish yet a little offbeat. The most notable feature abides by the tooth-shaped 3-stripes on the sneaker upper. It makes the shoe look distinct from the crowd with some touches of texture detailing. The well-designed low-top shoe takes major tooling from adidas heritage along with some elongated elements.

    Background of the adidas Sobakov 2.0

    The adidas Sobakov 2.0 is a modern take on the adidas Sobakov with more excitement and dahs of precision. As per sneaker connoisseurs, the adidas Sobakov 2.0 offers much more comfort than the OG adidas Sobakov iteration. The three-stripe label is more exhilarated compared to the predecessors and highly inspired by Beckham’s football cleats.

    The shoe has also expressed the integration of premium materials and some added elements of a fashion-forward design. The model is an updated version of the first Sobakov.

    adidas Sobakov 2.0
    1. The adidas Sobakov 2.0 uses a boost midsole on the heel, which works as a clear winner with its energy return. A TPU material is incorporated to compress under pressure and instantly bounce back with enduring energy.
    2. The iteration utilizes a more exaggerated tongue compared to the previous model.
    3. This edition had incorporated a knit material which is softer and more flexible than the first adidas Sabakov.
    4. Find the eyelets attached to the reflective three-stripe branding overlays.
    5. The tongue features a worn, tucked-out tongue which looks distinctively different from the core model.
    6. The shoe uniquely features some amplified proportions, which provide a sleek and chunky appeal at once.
    7. Find the sneakers flaunting ortholite sockliners for elevated breathability and wicking away all the moisture.
    8. An aggressive look, texture outsole and flamboyant athleticism have swept off soccer fans off their feet.
    9. The adidas Sobakov 2.0 is a reimagined version of the adidas staples.
    10. These intrusively sculpted shoes is a fresh spin on the classic adidas sneakers. They are built with padded foam underfoot for maximum comfort. It’s a treat for flat-footed users.


    In 2018, the adidas Sobakov was released in a ‘Core Black’ and ‘Cloud White’ with a super interesting take and claimed the title of being the most engrossing adidas silhouette. With some soccer-rooted poise, the three-strip label has transcended impeccably from pitch to streets. An ideal shoe for football fanatics, the adidas Sobakov can’t stop impressing us.