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Fantastic Men of Peniche by FANTASTIC MAN

    Fantastic Men of Peniche by FANTASTIC MAN

    FANTASTIC MAN goes to Peniche

    FANTASTIC MAN magazine went to Peniche for their latest issue. If you never heard of Peniche, you should have.

    Either because it is well-known as one of greatest surf spots in Europe, or because you feel like having a semi-troubled boat trip to Berlenga Island.

    After all, Portugal has been one of the most popular places to visit for quite a few years due to its cheap prices in comparison to the rest of Europe. No doubt some places are better known than others, but a few others just like Peniche and the surrounding areas deserve to be visited and written about.

    Full of culture and heritage, if you get the chance, spend at least a week or two around the Baleal beaches. Trust us, you will not regret it.

    FANTASTIC MAN Magazine Issue 26

    With that said, FANTASTIC MAN Magazine has just released their 26th issue, featuring Portugal on the cover with the Men Of Peniche. With just over 25.000 inhabitants, Peniche is a fishermen village and that same art and business is the one that supports most families around the area.

    You can always buy a travel guide to find out on-the-surface details about it, but you feel like you need something a more local and less touristic, head over to the website and subscribe to their bi-annual issues. For now, have a look at a few pictures right under so you know what we are talking about!

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    (Pictures: Kerry Murray)