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Foot District’s New Madrid Store is a Sight to Behold

    foot district New Madrid Store

    Madrid has a new super sneaker store

    Foot District opens its doors to a new store in Madrid. This new sneaker boutique is immediately on the global shortlist of the most imaginative shoe stores around.

    A space that is as much about retail futurism as an unabashed sneaker love, Foot District’s new Madrid store is something you simply must see to believe. The entire space screams of a footwear obsession.

    Think about when you were a kid and would dream up wacky inventions. Or, maybe you would dream of combining your favorite amusement parks.

    Then, combine that youth with a practically unmatched passion for sneakers. That is what went into this store’s design.

    foot district New Madrid Store

    A look into the future of footwear:

    Front and center for some people’s attention is an on-site 3-D printer, which has already given us peeks into the possible future of footwear via adidas and the like. For others, the marquee piece is likely the store’s Jordan Room.

    There, lined up sequentially along the wall, is a 3-D model of every Air Jordan ever worn by MJ. This section is actually walled off by a thin metal fence, reminiscent of basketball’s street roots. It’s a masterpiece of retail design and imagination.

    You don’t need many more reasons to spend a weekend in Madrid, but here’s one more to add to the list. Check out some highlights of the store and opening party below.

    foot district New Madrid Storefoot district New Madrid Storefoot district New Madrid Storefoot district New Madrid Storefoot district New Madrid Store