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The Givenchy Leo Sneaker: A Closer Look

    Givenchy Leo Sneaker

    In the name of evolution with the Givenchy Leo Sneaker

    The Givenchy Leo Sneaker is a testament to the constant evolution of premium fashion brands. These names, however household they are, come from a past of confusion when it comes to sneakers.

    The likes of Givenchy don’t have a terribly rich history when it comes to casual or sports footwear. They are, after all, a brand with more of a reputation for their runway flair than their runners.

    Nonetheless, the Givenchy Leo Sneaker proves that this just isn’t the case anymore. The designs are improving consistently. Brands of a similar stature are finding their way around the sneaker scene – and picking up a host of expertise along the way.

    Premium sneakers on the streets

    Even now, in 2018, high fashion brands like Givenchy and Gucci are directly informing the sneaker design scene. Pivotal events – such as the appointing of Virgil Abloh as the Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton – show us that this intertwining isn’t ending soon.

    The Givenchy Leo Sneaker is a great addition to this year’s deep roster of premium quality footwear. It’s also an example of the brand’s use of its modern, bold aesthetics throughout its wears.

    As with most premium models, the upper is in a high-quality leather base. The panels come in thick cuts with minimal stitch detailing. Even the tongue is in a rich leather coating. Speaking of which, this tongue area is where we see Givenchy’s branding in a Gold script.

    The heel provides some good contrast, featuring here in a lighter Grey. We also see Givenchy’s knot design on this section, adding a touch of uniqueness to this design.

    Without a doubt, the most striking feature is the Leo print along the back end of the quarter panel. This visual is something Givenchy has been experimenting with for quite some time. One of the first times we saw the Leo sign was earlier this summer as part of Givenchy’s Zodiac jewelry offerings.

    The shoe is surprisingly versatile from a visual standpoint. High fashion brands usually stick to conservative design approaches. But, it’s great to see some experimentation with this model, highlighted by the conspicuous Leo graphic.

    As far as premium sneakers go, you could certainly do worse. The plush leathers make for snug fits. The accompanying leather lining is both a source of comfortable ride and insulation. This may be one of the few low-top sneakers you can bring out when the weather starts to get cold.

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    Givenchy Leo Sneaker

    Givenchy Leo Sneaker