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The Merging Of Two Giants: GOAT and Flight Club

    goat x flight club

    Resell Kingdom: GOAT joins Fight Club

    In what is an “unexpected” move, GOAT joins forces with Flight Club to become a behemoth player in the resell sneaker world. Several million dollars are involved in a financial move that confirms what you also know: resell is a big business.

    There’s no other way around it. Reselling is part of the game, now more than ever. It does not matter if you agree with it or if you are totally against it, that is just how it works.

    Some may do it for a quick buck while others may actually live from it. Never forget that most things in life are just a matter of perspective.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but around here, we do not take sides. Respect the hustle and try your hardest to get your hands on a very desirable pair, that is our advice.

    If you sleep, chances are that you may have to pay resell prices. Unless you have that friend that does not mind shifting a pair for retail.

    You know all about the above, so we will not get into details. However, apart from all the Facebook groups that we are all in, apart from IG most trusted sellers, you can always head over to quite a few other platforms.

    Two of the most well known is GOAT and Flight Club, especially when it comes to footwear. Before we get to explain exactly what happened here, why not start from the very beginning?

    goat x flight club

    About Flight Club:

    Well, Flight Club has been around since 2005 and considered an urban veteran. Known for being the industry-leading marketplace for enthusiasts, collectors and aficionados to buy and sell the most coveted pairs in existence, like almost everything else on the planet, they did not start big.

    At first, it all began with a much smaller website called (right now, if you had no idea about this, we are sure you are clicking on it being redirected to the Flight Club website).

    Even if there are still people wondering if Flight Club is a scam the fact is that it is, in fact, one of the most respected and powerful sneaker stores in the whole world.

    Especially in the US, the sneaker game has been on the rise for over 20 years, at least, hence, Flight Club evolved into two brick-and-mortar boutiques located in New York and Los Angeles.

    It is guaranteed that you may pay a little bit more than the average market price for a specific pair, nevertheless, you get the guarantee that you are buying a legit one. In our humble opinion, those few extra bucks may be worth it. Plus, it is hassle-free.

    Sure, you can head over to the shop, but if you live in New York and it is snowing out there, your sneaker grail is just a few clicks away.

    Instore and online, you will be able to find limited releases as well as samples and Friends & Family pairs that were never available for retail. Oh, and they receive shipments every week, so it is worth it to keep an eye out.

    About GOAT:

    GOAT, on the other hand, was created in 2015 with a very simple goal in mind: to create the safest and most trusted marketplace for sneakers. In just over three years, GOAT has managed to gather 6 million members and 75,000 active sellers.

    Moreover, they do all legit checks for you. In some way or another, it is just a newer version of Flight Club, but it all works on your mobile or computer screen.

    As a buyer, you will be able to see the lowest price for each available item while behind the scenes, all of the sellers compete to have the lowest price. With that, you may get a fairer price at the end of the day.

    Sneakers resell for all?

    After all, we are not trying to teach you anything new. However, we may conclude that this merging of forces may actually be beneficial for all of us.

    We will leave all the corporate-talk for another post, but one number you need to know about is 60 Million. Yes, 60 Million Dollars is the amount that is being raised.

    From the point where Flight Club is associated with retail and GOAT is associated with phone apps and online portals, a symbiotic relationship comes to life. It is all about pairing retail as well as online shopping in one place.

    Neither of the brands is going away, on the contrary. So, GOAT’s tech-stack will be used to facilitate Flight Club’s online sales while Flight Club’s warehousing and international expertise will be leveraged on the retails side of the business. You get the best of both worlds in the end.

    You can always head to the biggest Footlocker and have a look at a wall with 250 (if not more) different references. Although, we can almost assure you that you will not buy one single available pair (please allow a few exceptions).

    Right in between both brands, Flight Club and GOAT, they will carry thousands of different SKUs that are not “crap”. Everything is confirmed as we speak, therefore, let’s just sit back and enjoy everything that is about to happen.

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    Source: Tech Crunch