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History Lesson With Golden Bear

    golden bear varsity jacket

    All about Golden Bear Jackets

    Golden Bear jackets were founded in San Francisco in 1922 and started crafting dockworker-coats to protect men from the fog and from the cold. Due to their success and almost two decades after they decided to introduce the Golden Bear Bomber Jacket to their production line.

    As time went by, Golden Bear went a step further by taking in damaged-goods for repair. As expected and with the label’s growth, new styles were added such as varsity and motorcycle jackets.

    Among the most well-known models of the brand, the Golden Bear leather bomber jacket is for sure one of the most celebrated. You can buy brand new Golden Bear Jackets online at select retailers like Mr. Porter, NORDSTROM or some vintage versions over on eBay.

    A Golden Bear leather jacket for life?

    golden bear jackets

    The brand comes out stating that some of their jackets have become personal stories for their customers. In fact, they share just how they have treasured them for longer than 20 years.

    After all, a good leather jacket only gets better with age. Not only Golden Bear leather jackets are full of history, but also and even the company’s location. Their most recent factory is built against the only wall of the San Francisco Missions baseball stadium that is still up.

    In recent years, the brand developed collaborations with Kith in 2013, and also with Harry Stedman. Even if a Golden Bear jacket is not the most affordable jacket on the market, we really believe they will last a lifetime. Some may even consider it an investment, as we do.

    Made to wear and feel

    golden bear promo jacket

    It does not matter how old you are or even your occupation. These jackets are made for everyone who feels connected to a fashion-lifestyle.

    The Golden Bear Varsity Jacket Leather, the Golden Bear Club Monaco or the Golden Bear Suede Bomber are a few highlights of a much greater story.

    As winter and colder days are right around the corner, the focus starts to bend towards winter-wear. Also, all brands start to shift their spotlight on warmer garments.

    Nevertheless, there is a brand that has kept all types of jackets their main product throughout all seasons. For now, have a look at some pieces right bellow.

    You can always find out more right here or if you are feeling rather exclusive, learn about their past collaborations here. If you are a fan of varsity jackets, make sure to check out our ultimate guide to where to buy the best varsity jackets.