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Grundens apparel: All weather


    Grundéns apparel: the best rainwear in the world

    Since 1911 (when the first factory was established by Carl A. Grundén), Grundens apparel has steadily evolved into being one of the most important outerwear clothing brands. The brand is specially made for all the professionals that have to deal with the harshest weather.

    Apart from the creation and production of professional wear (that goes all the way from fishermen equipment to construction and food processing gear), Grundéns has also been developing a sports and leisure clothing line since the 50s.

    Grundéns Rainwear

    Andreas Lycken, the Sales Manager, and Partner at Grundéns apparel told us that the brand is «still focusing on the professional rainwear but of course a substantial portion today goes to the Sports & Leisure segment.»

    He added that «Grundéns believes that by way of developing professional rainwear of the highest quality will keep on growing in the consumer market as well». We are also already now doing some co-operation with fashion brands to succeed in especially the streetwear. »

    For the near future, Mr. Lycken promised to soon disclose some more about 5 product families to be released soon. Being a Swedish company, Grundéns currently has its main production factory in Lisbon, Portugal.

    The brand plans to expand its current working force. The company’s current number of employees is approximately 65 people. Visit Grundens’ official website. While you’re here, make sure to also check out the best of Sail Racing Pole Down Parkas.