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Hanon x Diadora B Elite ’83 Final

    hanon x Diadora B.Elite ’83 Final

    Hanon and Diadora together, again

    Hanon is back with a new collaborative project with Diadora. The B-Elite ’83 Final, the follow up to the B-Elite Spirit of ’83, is unveiled in a plush kangaroo leather upper with additional buttery suede overlays.

    Further attention to detail includes a laminated kangaroo leather tongue, double layered stitched leather insoles, and plush pinstripe lining. Dual branding is seen embossed and printed on the shoes back tabs and tongues.

    Further, Hanon branding can also be found on the heel by way of their “Keeps on Burning ” fire emblem on one shoe. The other shoe heel features the number 83.

    Each pair will come with a special edition custom 83 dustbag and 2 sets of laces. Releasing exclusively and in very limited numbers at Hanon we expect these to fly out.

    hanon x Diadora B.Elite ’83 Final

    Diadora: from Italy to the world

    Diadora is one of the most important footwear brands there is. So, it is very much worth to get to know just a bit more about the Italian label.

    Even if today they are better known for their sneakers and football boots, surprisingly, Diadora’s first product had nothing to do with shoes.

    Their first so-called “invention” was a one of a kind pair of hiking boots. All of this happened way back during the 1950s.

    Before getting into the so-called “athletic scene”, Marcello Danieli (Diadora’s founder) started to observe what people needed, therefore, he built skiing boots. Danieli followed one of the most important principles when it comes to business: find out what your customer wants and provide it.

    With the now well-known rise and boom of worldwide sports, Diadora decided to go ahead and create athletic shoes and not only runners. One of the greater examples of this is their connection with the world of tennis.

    Diadora connected with Björn Borg, the famous Swedish tennis player. Fast forward, Borg even has his own signature shoe. In fact, and over the years, the Borg Elite became the brand’s most notable pieces of footwear.

    Nowadays, Diadora plays, in fact, an important role when it comes to all things footwear. They are also still manufacturing in Italy, something that (these days) is surely worth a mention.

    The label is also known for having “quality” as their middle name. “Quality” as seen per most of their models such as this latest collab with Hanon.

    If you want to know even more about the Italian brand, make sure to check out all about the history of Diadora.

    hanon x Diadora B.Elite ’83 Final